Because SEDS is a non-profit, we rely on your donation to make our mission possible: to promote the exploration and development of space. We have over 80 active chapters and a half a dozen projects that require donations from people and companies like you. As an incentive and to say thank you, our Tiers shown below exhibit the benefits of donating and give predetermined amounts that we know make an astronomical difference for SEDS members! Without you, SEDS would not succeed.

Interested in Sponsoring SEDS USA?

If you or your organization/company is interested in sponsoring SEDS-USA the next generation that will get us to space and beyond, please contact SEDS Director of Fundraising, Megan Bennett to discuss sponsorship levels and tier options listed below.

Current SEDS Expenses

Marketing Outreach

Provide money towards marketing for high school satellite activities, local company engagement, and banners/other materials for SpaceVision.



*Estimated Cost: $10,000*

New Club Starter Kit

Provide kits for new chapters to quickly start mini-projects before taking on National level projects such as: Quadcopter, rockets, RC cards, soldering, or specific company projects.


*Estimated Cost Per Chapter: $15,000*

Conference Scholars

Provide opportunity for SEDS member’s travel scholarships, SEDS USA conference booths, speaking engagements, and Spaceport America Competition.



*Estimated Cost: $32,550*


SpaceVision Scholars

Provide general scholarships, diversity scholarships, business pitch competition awards, trophies for competitions, and SpaceVision registration from competitions.

*Estimated Cost: $44,000*

Event Hosting

Provide opportunity for event hosting, leadership retreats, and student advocacy events. SEDS member scholarships for housing, groceries, and travels.

*Estimated Costs: $5,600 per event

Maintenance Fees

Provide support for accounting software, donation software, bank account fees, accountant stipend, and website fees.




*Estimated Cost: $7,500*

We love and appreciate donations of any size from almost anyone... we have not figured out extraterrestrial currency yet unfortunately. Please consider donating using the form below.

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