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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. tingting says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am a student of 10 years old. I am quite interesting with the universe works. but i cannot have a clear mind since your website are all English, which is beyond my ability. So, would you please translate the website in Chinese or HK local language? thank you very much.

    Best regards,

    would you please reply me this letter in Chinese so that i can read? Thanks a lot.

    • Daniel Zhou says:

      Ting Ting,

      Though I cannot help you directly with your language barriers, I can try my best to find 3rd party sources that may help.

      Please contact me @ ‘’

      I will talk more in detail via email.

      Keep up your good work, and stay motivated-I love your passion!

  2. Cody A. Fitch says:

    Dear Seds,

    I believe in the idea of individual ownership. I see the only way to expand humanity into space is through the gold rush style adventures of the west. Where folks all had their own hoarses and that individual ownership allowed them to travel West. This was because a few business had adventured to the West and found gold. As such, I see companies starting up as individual free enterprises. Which is my belief that will help us spread humanity into space. As individuals competing for value will advance technology and travel faster than if just countries where doing it.

    With that in mind, I was wondering if you know of any scholarships. My specific interest is in law and business in space. I believe that this is going to be like the next international cargo maritime law studies. Which is one of the best legal contract industries to be in. As such, I was hoping that someone or some school had a scholarship for professional students who want to study space business and law management. For example, an MBA in space management, or a JD with emphases on international commerce and space commerce.

    If you know of any scholarships like that please email me.

    Thank you

    Cody A. Fitch
    Associated to the 5th Degree in Business
    Bachelors of Criminal Justice
    Senator of California State University, Long Beach
    Decorated Speech and Debate logician

    • Daniel Zhou says:

      Mr. Fitch,

      We do offer scholarships, however you must be part of an active SEDS chapter in order to qualify. Email ‘’ for more information regarding this matter.


      Daniel Zhou

  3. Dear Seds
    I am a 26 year old Software Engineer. I am an Aerospace enthusiast ever since 12. I couldnt make it inti Aerosopace Engineering and ended up at Computer Science. I have been a programmer for last 2 years. But still my enthusiasm for Aerospace has never left me. In India an Engineer with computer science cannot proceed with Aerospace Master degree. Is there anyway that i can get back to Aerospace? How can i contribute to SEDS?

    • Avatar of dmpastuf dmpastuf says:


      Just because your not in Aerospace Engineering dosn’t mean that your outside of the Aerospace field; in face Computer Science is probably one of the most important fields in Space exploration, as we need to make sure our software is working correctly!
      That being said, any student can start a chapter of SEDS and get involved – we are not restricted to Aerospace Engineers! SEDS is a very multi-disciplinary organization. You can get started in many ways! If your in the US, stop on over to our chapter expansion page to learn how. If your in another country, some information on if a national organization exists can be found on our global map.

      Thanks for the enthusiasm!
      Dan Pastuf
      Chair, SEDS-USA

  4. Albert says:

    Dear colleagues !
    For participation in creation of the International Lunar base all interested firms and wishing to participate in this favorable business are invited. As it is known the main problem was implementation of cheap flights on the Moon. I managed to solve this problem and now the road to space is open for all comers! Initial financing of this program will be carried out at the expense of advertizing and reality show as in boxing. And further at the expense of lunar raw materials. For the conclusion of favorable contracts investors and the companies of the whole world are invited!
    Albert Postolovskiy.

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