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The SEDS Alumni Association serves to promote the mutual interests of SEDS-USA and its alumni by organizing events throughout the year, providing a means to communicate with current members and fellow alums, and creating an easy avenue for alumni to contribute their time, talent, and financial support to SEDS-USA.

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Goals of the Alumni Association:

1. Organize the resources that allow SEDS-USA to be a more effective and empowering organization
2. Provide networking opportunities for current SEDS students and access to mentors, advisors, and future industry colleagues
3. Connect alumni with their fellow alumni, students, and the industry as a whole

Alumni Association Tools:

The SEDS Resume Directory, located at http://talent.seds.org/, is a resource the Alumni Association developed to allow students a place to showcase their resumes while simultaneously allowing talent seeking organizations to list jobs and open positions.


We look forward to connecting with you at future alumni events. Please sign up here to stay in the loop!

Contact Alumni Association Coordinator Patrick Gray patrick.gray (at) seds.org with any questions, comments or suggestions!