The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space is a non-profit organization of passionate and driven students dedicated to expanding the role of human exploration and development of space.
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We need space

SEDS works towards accomplishing our goals of making this a space-faring civilization through projects, community outreach, and activism.
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If you are interested in our mission, please, join us. Whether you would like to start a chapter at your school, join an existing chapter, or just donate to our cause, please click the button below to show that you ARE a student for the exploration and development of space.
One small step for man


Please explore the site and our social media pages for project opportunities, updates and information on how we’re working to make ours a space-faring and science literate society.
What we do

Contribute to our future

We have many levels of giving, as well as plenty of space products to show off your inner space-nerd. Your hard earned funds go to benefit student projects, outreach events, and legislative campaigns.
One giant leap for mankind