How to Videos to Edit the Website

How to Get Into Elementor, Onto a Certain Page, and Change a Picture.

How to Create a New Page

Please note that you will have to insert three sets of headers and footers for each view version (i.e. mobile). Be careful to choose the correct one’s based on which side of the website you are on (student or public). They can be found in the templates (shown in video). (Laptop = desktop).

How to Add or Change the Header or Footer Menu:

Please note that the header and footer are different for the public and student side. Also, the header and footer are different menus on each of the sides.

How to Make Simple Style Changes

If you would like to a see a video about any other style changes please let me know.

How to Copy an Element From Another Page

  1. Image: All images are in the same library. Reference how to change a picture to see how to access this library. 
  2. Section: Hold down the control key and press the center button on top of the rectangular box as shown in the picture on the right. Click “save as template” and give it a name. It will now be able to accessed and inserted on all pages.

Style Guide

                 Please Not this is the style guide for the desktop.