Virtual Graduate School Application Bootcamp

Are you applying to graduate school admission for 2020?  SEDS is hosting a summer-long virtual graduate school application bootcamp from June 17 2019 to August 12 2019.  In this program, weekly prompts and assignments will guide you through the process of what to look for in a graduate program, financial aid options, resume and essay-writing, coming up with a GRE and research plan for the year.  Video chat with space industry graduate students and young professionals who will answer your questions about the application process, and chat with both your peers and mentors via an online forum.  At the end of this program, you will be ready to submit your applications, freeing up your fall semester to focus on academics.  To apply to this space-limited program, please fill out the google form below.


SEDS Graduate School Application Bootcamp: Outline of Subjects Covered:

Week 1, 6/17-24: Introductions to other students, GRE prep and schedule, LinkedIn updates, conference planning for the year

Week 2, 6/24-7/1: Determining important factors to you in finding a graduate school, research plan for the year, finding several mentors to discuss graduate school with

Week 3, 7/1-8: Coming up with a list of schools to apply to, determining costs, finding letter-writers, and video chat on applications

Week 4, 7/8-15: Compiling a list of graduate fellowships to apply to, write a resume and develop a portfolio, review your list of schools with your advisor, video chat on funding

Week 5, 7/15-22: Write a personal statement, a statement of purpose, and peer review a resume

Week 6, 7/22-7/29: Write a research statement. Peer review a personal statement and statement of purpose.

Week 7, 7/29-8/5: Peer review a statement of purpose. Write a broader impact statement for the NSF fellowship, if eligible. If not eligible, pick another fellowship essay prompt to draft.

Week 8, 8/5-8/12: Peer review NSF broader impact statement or other essay.