Kerbal Space Program

Attention Kerbals! Do you want to join a mission to go to the Mun? If so, click on the button below to learn more about the competition and signup! Signups close on October 30th.


Don’t miss your chance to bring your Kerbal friends to the mun!


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be choosing and then successfully accomplishing the beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert level of the first ever Virtual Space Race. 


Registration will close on the 30th October. The competition will commence on the 6th November and run for a week.


What Level Should You Join?

Beginner level is for people who are brand, brand new to the Kerbal Space Program and may have only played once.


Intermediate level is for people who have played KSP a few times, but are still learning the game. 

Advanced level is for people who have played KSP a lot, but may haven’t explored all of the different functions of the game (like the ‘real time physics’ portion, for instance). 

Expert level is exactly what it says on the tin; this level is for players who consider themselves to be experts in KSP and could write a book on how to play it.

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