Are you ready for the largest student run space event in the world?

Come to SEDS' Annual Spacevision Conference

Get pumped for this space'tacular event! Network, make connections, and meet new space nerds... a truly out of this world experience!

Spacevision 2020 lift-off in:


Space Vision 2020

When: October 22-25

Where: University of North Texas

Theme: Beyond Earth: Humans as an Interplanetary Species

Five Tips to Have a Great SpaceVision Experience and Grow your Space Passion.


Workshops like leadership, resumes, interviews, space policy, etc. 


Space industry leaders. A few past ones: Bill Nye, Jeff Bezos, and  Scott Kelly


Chat around with many space companies such as Lockheed, Virgin Orbit, etc.


Unsure how to spark your space career? Our panel is ready to help you find your path


Perhaps you will attain your dream internship or job…you never know

What is SpaceVision?

The SpaceVision conference is almost as old as SEDS itself, bringing together students of many disciplines from all corners of the country to celebrate their shared passion for all things space. Building on the tradition started in 1989 amongst the first SEDS chapters, this gathering includes panels of industry leaders, technical project competitions, and opportunities for our members to engage with current professionals from across the space sector. The growth of the conference in recent years parallels SEDS’ own remarkable expansion while preserving the original focus on creating student connections and empowering everyone to pursue a future in space.

Each year university chapters compete for the honor of hosting SpaceVision and are selected by the council of chapters. Submitted proposals include initial plans, potential guests, and an overall theme that highlights the university chapter. SpaceVision is a great way to showcase your school and your members, and the next hosts to be chosen could be you!

Why Should You Go?

SpaceVision provides students the unique opportunity to learn directly from industry professionals, leaders, and influencers about the state and future of the industry. Additionally, it provides SEDS members the opportunity to not only network and connect with these individuals in an intimate environment, it also allows them to participate in a career fair, which hosts many aerospace companies, designed specifically for SEDS students. During thse career fairs, many students are able to receive valuable feedback on their resumes from hiring managers as well as obtain internships and/or job offers.

See... there's "scientific" proof that SpaceVision is a game changer . Space companies really love SEDS students!

Students: take from the literally hundreds of your fellow students who scored job interviews at @SEDSSpaceVision this weekend...

Students, if you want to work in space, grab some friends and get to #SpaceVision...

Had a great time this wknd at my fav conference, #SpaceVision! Nothing is more inspiring than seeing old & new friends reaching their dreams

Space isn't an industry, space is a place. #SpaceVision

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