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Rockets! rockets! Anddd more rockets! If you like rockets, this competition is for you. The competition runs the whole school year.

The Kyle Runkle Student Rocketry Competition is run through the entire academic year. Below is an overview of the competition:

The Kyle Runkle Student Rocketry Competition competition challenges students to push their rocketry/engineering capabilities to their limits by building multistage rockets and competing against other rocketry teams across different SEDS-USA chapters.

Project Manager: Nathan

Hey Everyone! My name is Nathan Fallon. I am the Projects Manager at SEDS-USA for the Kyle Runkle Students Rocketry Competition. I am currently a team lead at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and a Space Studies student, concentrating in Aerospace Science at the American Public University System. I would love to answer any questions that you may have and or anything related to the KRSRC! Feel free to send me an email at your convenience below.

Who was Kyle Runkle?

Kyle Runkle was a senior in the School of Aeronautics. He was a native of Chesapeake Va., and an officer of the Purdue Space Program, a SEDS chapter. Runkle was an active leader for the “Boomie Zoomie” project, a liquid-fueled rocket designed and developed by students initially for the FAR-MARS Liquid Rocket Competition. He contributed to a paper, “Student Development of a Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Methane Sounding Rocket and Launch Infrastructure,” that was presented at the AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum in July 2019. This project is completed in memory of this amazing space-nerd who will be greatly missed by many.

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Fall 2020

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