Fall semester project

Dove art launch Initiative

Want to see your artwork go to space? Who wouldn't?!

The Dove Art Launch Addition starts in the Fall academic year and culminates at SpaceVision 2020. Below is a brief overview of the Competition:

Join the largest space-based art installation in human history with the SEDS Dove Art Launch initiative (DALI)! In partnership with Planet, this competition will task you with creating an artistic design to be laser etched onto a side panel of a future Dove satellite. SEDS-USA has currently been given two panels to use as our canvas, and we are looking to our membership and any interested high school students for designs! Your artistic design can be related to spaceflight, or it can be related to anything you want! For every entry, we’re asking for a description of no more than one page. 

Project Manager: Nicole

Nicole Chase is the current Director of Projects. Nicole is also the current Director of the Student Space Ambassador Program with the Mars Generation and she has been awarded three degrees in the sciences. She has been in science analytics for the past six years and is currently the Database Administrator at Made in Space. her interests, while varied, involve planetary atmospheres, remote sensing, biomaterials, bio-fluids, engineering biology, and researching new, innovative technologies that allow humanity to become a multi-planetary species. She also enjoys writing and performing comedy and doing improvisation.

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Fall 2020