Fall Semester Competition

Business plan competition

Do you have an idea that will change the space industry? Tell us about it in the SEDS pitch competition

The Business Plan Competition starts in the Fall and culminates in at SpaceVision, where plans will be presented. Below is an overview of the competition

The SEDS-USA Business Pitch Competition is the business-oriented competition hosted by SEDS-USA. The competition provides teams with the opportunity to build connections with key players in the entrepreneurial side of the space industry, as well as the opportunity to present business ideas to judges at our SpaceVision 2020 Conference. 

Project Manager: Nicole

Nicole Chase is the current Director of Projects. Nicole is also the current Director of the Student Space Ambassador Program with the Mars Generation and she has been awarded three degrees in the sciences. She has been in science analytics for the past six years and is currently the Database Administrator at Made in Space. her interests, while varied, involve planetary atmospheres, remote sensing, biomaterials, bio-fluids, engineering biology, and researching new, innovative technologies that allow humanity to become a multi-planetary species. She also enjoys writing and performing comedy and doing improvisation.

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Fall 2020

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