SEN and SEDS Partner on Next Space Generation Column

I am pleased to announce a new partnership between SEDS and space news website Sen today with the launch of a column written exclusively by SEDS members. This blog will be the voice of the next space generation represented by our student members, with monthly blog posts written not just by members of SEDS-USA but by membersContinue reading “SEN and SEDS Partner on Next Space Generation Column”

Purdue SEDS Will Host SpaceVision 2016

We are thrilled to announce that SpaceVision 2016 will be hosted in conjunction with Purdue University SEDS in Indiana! Purdue University has a rich history and continued involvement in the aerospace industry. Their 23 astronaut alumni gave Purdue the nickname “Cradle of Astronauts“, including both the first man and last man to set foot on theContinue reading “Purdue SEDS Will Host SpaceVision 2016”


Many of you remember the High Altitude Balloon (HAB) Challenge, a national competition hosted by SEDS in 2014. The competition was quite a success—twelve SEDS-USA chapters competed and five finalists were chosen. These five finalists conducted high altitude balloon experiments measuring a range of technical and environmental factors. The winners of the 2014 High AltitudeContinue reading “MONSTER Team Wins SEDS GSBC Prize”