2016 Board of Directors Election Candidates

Here are the candidates for the 2016-2017 Board of Directors. If you are the CoC representative, you will receive your online ballots shortly after 1:40 PM EST. Chair Andrew Newman I have overseen administrative actions to keep SEDS-USA a non-profit. I have also initiated and acted upon projects like creating an online SEDS-USA store, creatingContinue reading “2016 Board of Directors Election Candidates”

Running for the Board of Directors Election

Being a team player and reliable communication are vital to the success of every member of the SEDS-USA staff and board. However, there are specific tasks each board member will work on, and certain attributes that naturally go along with these tasks. Aligning your skills and experience with a specific board position can help ensureContinue reading “Running for the Board of Directors Election”

Jeff Bezos to donate $250K Heinlein Prize to SEDS student space leaders organization

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos announced yesterday that he would donate his $250,000 prize to Students for Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS-USA). In recognition of his recent accomplishments in commercial space activities, Bezos won the Heinlein Prize and a quarter of a million dollars in winnings. He was presidentContinue reading “Jeff Bezos to donate $250K Heinlein Prize to SEDS student space leaders organization”

Texas A&M University SEDS Chapter Profile

Chapter Overview The Texas A&M Chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (TAMU-SEDS) was founded with the interest of uniting and inspiring like-minded students to pursue education and involvement in space-related fields. We have about 20 regular members from a broad variety of STEM majors. Our chapter encourages fraternity through events andContinue reading “Texas A&M University SEDS Chapter Profile”