Board of Directors

As the largest student ran non-profit in the United States, our student directors have a strong passion for space and teaching others about it. They are responsible for growing the organization and they transition at the annual SpaceVision Conference


Ian Burrell, Chair: Virginia Tech

Whatup Space Fam, welcome to SEDS! My name is Ian Burrell, Chair of SEDS-USA. As a 5th-year at Virginia Tech studying Mechanical Engineering, I have a passion for space engineering and the world of non-profit aerospace organizations. I was president of the VTSEDS chapter and served on the board for three years in various positions. This is my second year on the SEDS-USA Board of Directors after serving as Chair of the Council of Chapters and Social Media Coordinator before that. I also serve as the Executive Coordinator for the Alliance for Space Development (ASD), a collection of non-profits who advocate for space policy changes within the US government. I am also involved heavily with the Students on Capitol Hill event, which brings SEDS members and other students from across the country to D.C. to assist with the ASD’s political agenda. My favorite pieces of space hardware are spacesuits, and my favorite missions have been the Hubble Servicing Missions with the Shuttle.

Harper Cheyenne, Vice-Chair: University of Central Florida

Shreya Chandramouli, Secretary: Virginia Tech

Hey y’all! I am Shreya Chandramouli and I am so excited to serve as your SEDS-USA Secretary for the year. As a 5th year Aerospace Engineering student at Virginia Tech, I have spent the past few years serving on the officer board of SEDS@VT as well as founding a few other organizations, building RC planes, and finding my true love for space! This organization has given me my best friends (aka spacefam), a dream to be an astronaut, and wonderful opportunities to network and learn both leadership and technical skills. My goal is to ensure that every student in SEDS has a similar and even greater experience and allows each individual to find their true place in the space industry while doing what they love. I cannot wait to hear your ideas and goals so I can spend my time as Secretary helping you achieve your dreams! Reach out to me if you ever want to voice your opinions, ask for advice, or even just ramble on about how cool space is!

Bryce Clegg, Chair of the Council of Chapters: Virginia Tech

Hello space fam! My name is Bryce Clegg and I am honored to serve as your Chair of the Council of Chapters for SEDS-USA. I am a 4th-year student at Virginia Tech studying Aerospace Engineering with a passion for all things space. I have also served as President and Secretary for VTSEDS. As Chair of the Council of Chapters, I focus on increasing opportunities for everyone and that all voices are heard, so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a question, suggestion, or idea!

Sara Alvarado, Treasurer: University of Central Florida

Hey Space fam! I am a graduate Industrial Engineering student at the University of Central Florida and currently working in Revenue Management at Universal Orlando Resort. As treasurer, I focus on the financial planning and procedures to maintain and grow all amazing things SEDS brings to its members, like you! Space teases us with the possibility of what could be out there, waiting for us to find it. It pushes the boundaries of our imagination and has us joining forces across teams, chapters, companies, and nations to innovate and collaborate. I want to be part of the space tourism industry of the future, with a focus on space economy and system engineering. Send me emails with questions or ideas on SEDS, space, or just to connect.

Anthony Razo, Member at Large: University of Redlands

Hi folks! My name is Anthony Razo, Member at Large for SEDS-USA. I’m a 4th year Physics student at the University of Redlands with a massive heart for spaceflight, space history, cursed rocket images and space engineering. I founded SEDS Redlands in 2017, and have served as the organization’s director for 4 consecutive years and I currently oversee our Level 1 rocketry certification and 2021 NASA RASC-AL proposal. As Member at Large, my job is to listen to the general community’s needs and goals and connect with industry leaders to generate unique resources, opportunities and solutions. My goal is to increase SEDS-USA’s investment in diversity in not only gender and ethnicity, but major and interests as well… because space should be for all. Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions, ideas, or just to connect!

Tarun Bandemegala, Member at Large: Wichita State University

Hi there space fam! I’m Tarun Bandemegala and I’m thrilled to serve as Member-at-Large on the board for 20-21 year. I’m currently a grad student at Wichita State University working on understanding and improving the cognitive capabilities of our future astronauts. I’m super passionate about human space exploration and finding ways to keep us safe in space and to enable anyone with similar passion achieve the same. In my role, I’m responsible for initiating and running projects that benefits SEDS community and I intend to bring together the global SEDS community, for students to benefit from all the opportunities irrespective of their country of origin