2021-2022 Board of Directors

As the largest student ran non-profit in the United States, our student directors have a strong passion for space and teaching others about it. They are responsible for growing the organization and they transition at the annual SpaceVision Conference


Sara Alvarado, Chair: University of Central Florida

Sara is a graduate Industrial Engineering student at the University of Central Florida. Her undergrads are in Economics and Industrial Engineering. For Sara, being Chair of SEDS-USA is an honor and an amazing opportunity. She plans to continue the initiatives and work ethic she brought forth as treasurer to kickstart SEDS into a new era of long-term accomplishments. 

Audrey Scott, Vice-Chair: University of Chicago

Audrey Scott is a second-year student at the University of Chicago studying astrophysics. An aspiring polymath with a planned double major in anthropology and a professional past in art and communications, she aims to promote the space industry as an interdisciplinary field for everyone. When not studying, she enjoys reading sci-fi and expanding her ever-growing comic collection.

Laila Afshari, Secretary: Cal Poly Pomona

Laila is a graduating senior studying Aerospace Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona with a minor in Math. Over the past 3 years, she has served as the Secretary, President, and Outreach Chair at her university’s SEDS chapter, UMBRA. She is excited to be a part of the Board of Directors for SEDS this year and looks forward to contributing to SEDS’s future.

Paige Butler, Chair of the Council of Chapters: Northeastern

Paige Butler is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering major at Northeastern University and the new Chair of Council of Chapters for SEDS USA. She has previously served as both President and Vice President for SEDS Northeastern and has participated in and advised many of their NASA BIG Idea Challenge and RASCAL Challenge teams.

G-Money, Treasurer: Purdue University

 Griffin is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, working towards a career in developing orbital technologies. He was the Treasurer for the Purdue SEDS chapter: Purdue Space Program. He’s thrilled to be the treasurer this year, and can’t wait to help SEDS grow at a national level. He’s also the Chief Engineer on PSP’s CubeSat team, where they hope to develop a 3D food printer in microgravity.

Alice Wade, Member at Large: University of New Hampshire

Alice is a Junior Mechanical Engineering Student at the University of New Hampshire. Currently the president of UNH SEDS, Alice has worked for the past two years with her team on building a hybrid rocket for the Spaceport America Cup. In becoming a Member-at-Large for SEDS USA, she intends to help smaller or more isolated SEDS chapters connect with their communities and share resources like mentors, ideas, launch sites, and more!

TJ Carson, Member at Large: University of Redlands

TJ Carson is one of the new Members-at-Large for SEDS USA. He is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Redlands studying physics and has been with his space family, SEDS Redlands, since his freshman year. TJ is very passionate about increasing accessibility within the space industry. As Member-at-Large, he hopes to help more students overcome obstacles stopping them from getting the opportunity to apply themselves to projects about space, so that they may be empowered by seeing the impact they can make with their work.