Board of Advisors

Advisors from all parts of the expansive space industry help guide the SEDS USA board and staff by providing key insights and information regarding opportunities, activities, and leadership responsibilities. 

William Pomerantz

Vice President of Special Projects at Virgin Orbit

Harvard SEDS 1998-2002

Current SEDS Chair of Advisors

John Conafay

Director of Business Development

Spaceflight Inc.

Hannah Kerner

Assistant Research Professor University of Maryland at College Park

SEDS-USA Chair 2013-2015

Ben Brockert

SEDS USA Advisor

Elizabeth Barrios

NASA Space Tech Fellow

U. Central Florida & NASA: Materials Engineer

Regional Coordinator: Space Generation Advisory Council


Bradley Cheetham

CEO, Advanced Space

Robert Bell

Executive Director

Space & Satellite Professionals International

David S. Cohen, Esq.

Owner of Cohen Law Firm, PPLC

Barrett S. Caldwell

Professor of IE (AAE, by courtesy) at Purdue

Director of NASA Indiana Space Grant Consortium

Mike French

Vice President at Space Systems

Aerospace Industries Association

Jeff Foust

Senior Staff Writer


Dr. Tanya Harrison

Manager of Science Programs

Planet Labs

Therese Jones

Senior Director of Policy

Satellite Industry Association

Chris Lewicki


Planetary Resources

Ryan McLinko



Kris Lehnhardt

Senior Faculty

Department of Emergency Medicine and Center for Space Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine

Carlos G. Niederstrasser

Systems Architect: Northrop Grumman

Former SEDS USA Vice Chair

Mark Mozena Ph.D.

Senior Director of Government Affairs

Sian Proctor, Ph.D.

Geoscience Professor

CEO of Flight Ready Systems

J.R. Edwards

Chief Technology Office

Manager of Human Space Flight Programs

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Danielle Wood

Director of the Space Enabled Research Group

Assistant Professor of Media Arts & Sciences and Aeronautics and Astronautics Media Lab

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mike Kincaid

Associate Administrator

NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement at NASA Headquarters

Grant Bonin

Senior VP, Business Development

Spaceflight Inc.