Yuri’s Night Award


As announced at SpaceVision 2016 last November, Yuri’s Night has partnered with SEDS USA to offer a $500 award for the best Yuri’s Night party thrown by a SEDS Chapter! This is an awesome and fun way to celebrate space exploration and potentially win some sweet funding for your chapter (to spend on more social events, obviously).

If you don’t know, Yuri’s Night is a giant celebration held on April 12th each year to celebrate Yuri Gagarin becoming the first human ever in space on April 12th, 1961. Incredibly, it also coincides with the inaugural launch of the Space Shuttle on the same day 20 years later! You can read all about Yuri’s Night over on their website, yurisnight.net.

CUSEDS hosts the annual Yuri's Night in Boulder, CO
CUSEDS hosts the annual Yuri’s Night in Boulder, CO

The challenge at hand is to throw the best Yuri’s Night party around based on criteria like the number and variety of attendees, quality of promotion and graphic design, social media attention (#YurisNight), creativity, and more – read the full details of the process here. To participate, register on the website beforehand then email event photos and information to rachel@yurisnight.net by June 30th, 2017. The winning chapter will then be announced at SpaceVision 2017!

Check yurisnight.net or reach out to rachel@yurisnight.net with questions.

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