Space Domains

space-domain-postAs an organization, SEDS emphasizes entrepreneurship as one of its pillars of leadership. Many students are starting their own startup companies while in college, and some may want a creative way to showcase their resume and portfolio. Websites are a great way to accomplish this, and is making it easier to do so. They now allow people in the space industry to show their passion through their website. Rather than concluding a URL with .com or .org, students can now have .space in their web address!

Who should have it?
A web address of .space is perfect for anyone wanting a highly-focused way to represent their brand. This can be any organization from start-ups, research labs and organizations, hobbyists, interest groups, and so much more. This feature only costs $4.99, and the website even throws in a couple freebies, so it’s well worth checking out!

Visit for more information.

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