The SEDS Alumni Association Meet Up After the Space Symposium


Left to right: Matt Canella, Chris Nie, Lauren Smith, Will Pomerantz, John Conafay, Ruben Nunez. Photo courtesy of John Conafay.


The SEDS Alumni Association, a group known for providing networking opportunities to graduated SEDS members, hosted a successful meet up after the 32nd Space Symposium on April 12.


Current and past SEDS members had a great time at Play at the Broadmoor where they got to play foosball, pool, and even a few bowling matches while having an amazing post-conference meal. SEDS’ newest advisor Kris Lehnhardt even made an appearance at the event.


“[It was] an intimate gathering that was like catching up with old friends. We discussed the incredible history of SEDS and everyone’s part, what we can do to grow even more and laughed the entire night,” SEDS Executive Director John Conafay said.


The SEDS Alumni Association hosts events like this all throughout the year. They are always communicating with members about future networking opportunities and connecting them to resources like the resume directory.


If you are a recent graduate or plan on graduating this upcoming semester, join the SEDS Alumni Association today. All you have to do is fill out this quick form and you’ll be connected to like-minded individuals in the SEDS community.

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