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    University Student Rocketry Competition


The challenge for 2016 is to build and launch a multi-stage, high-powered rocket to the highest possible altitude A.G.L. Teams will be awarded points for both the altitude reached and the number of stages flown. The USRC is unique in this challenge, being the only major multi-stage competition in the US.

The competition has been designed so that teams with little to no rocketry experience can compete, yet provide a challenge to even those who are experienced rocketeers.  This year as the USRC Project Mangers I am dedicated to helping every team with any issues that may arise or if help is needed to start your Universities rocket program. I will also be starting a video series on “how to rocket” to ensure that general rocket knowledge will be passed on to future programs.

The competition is open to teams of students at any SEDS chapter within the United States.   There is no cost to enter, and the first 10 teams to register will receive a free competition altimeter.  Winning teams, as determined by the competition judges will be awarded a cash prize based on competition sponsorship as well as a set number of SEDS SpaceVision 2016 registration packages.  Prize and funding opportunities will be added throughout the course of the competition as they become available.

•    Register by February 26th, 2016 – Late applications will be accepted with a small score penalty.

•    Monthly progress updates are due on the first date of every month starting March 1, 2016.

•    March 18, 2016 – Design report due. Technical report guidelines released.

•    July 1, 2016 – Technical report due.  Final Launch report guidelines released.

•    October 3, 2016 – Launch window closes, all launches must be completed.

•    October 17, 2016 – Final launch reports due; all documentation must be received by SEDS-USA.

•    November 2016 – Competition winner announced and prize awarded at SpaceVision 2016 Conference.

The competition will be judged by a panel of 3 professionals from the aerospace industry.

Aaron Albrecht
Test Engineer – SpaceX
Matt Cannella
Propulsion Components Engineer – ULA
Magen Orman
Engineering Technician – Sierra Nevada Corporation

For more information and official rules, visit http://seds.org/usrc. All teams who wish to participate must submit a letter of intent, contact information, and team roster to jonathan.jennings@seds.org by February 26, 2016 (note that team rosters are able to be changed after this date). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Final Launch Report Guidelines

USRC 2016 Rules

Design Report Guidelines 2016

Technical Report Guidelines 2016