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    University Student Rocketry Competition

SEDS-USA is pleased to announce the 2017 University Student Rocketry Challenge (USRC). This year, the USRC challenges students to design, build, and launch a multi-stage rocket with a standardized altimeter to the highest possible altitude A.G.L.


Competition Overview

The USRC is open to teams of students from any SEDS chapter in the United States. Teams are scored on design, engineering, and manufacturing processes in addition to the flight of the rocket. A panel of aerospace industry professionals will serve as judges.

The competition will involve three engineering reports submitted to SEDS-USA as well as monthly progress reports posted to your section’s social media page. The first engineering report will be a design report and will focus on the design of the rocket. The second will be a preflight technical report to be submitted after the rocket is built. The third report will be a post-flight report to assess the results of the rocket’s flight. The judging panel will offer feedback on each report and will be available to meet with teams to review the reports. Guidelines for each report will be released individually.

Winning teams as determined by the competition judges will be awarded a cash prize based on competition sponsorship as well as a set number of SEDS SpaceVision 2017 registration packages. Prize and funding opportunities will be added throughout the course of the competition as they become available.

In order to make the competition as accessible as possible, there will be several ways in which a team can launch their rocket for a competition flight. Teams may launch at a field local to their university and have the flight certified by an independent party. Depending on geographic proximity, teams from different universities may organize a regional launch in cooperation with SEDS-USA.

To register send an email to jonathan.jennings@SEDS.org stating your chapters intent to compete.

Competition Timeline
  • Register by March 1st, 2017 – Late applications will be accepted with a small score penalty.
  • April 28th, 2017 – Design report due. Technical report guidelines released.
  • September 15, 2017 – Technical report due. Final Launch report guidelines released.
  • October 13, 2017 – Launch window closes, all launches must be completed.
  • October 20, 2017 – Final launch reports due; all documentation must be received by SEDS-USA.
  • November 2017 – Competition winner announced and prize awarded at SpaceVision 2017 Conference.


Joshua Jenkins
Trajectory Engineer
United Launch Alliance
Centennial, CO
Aaron Albrecht
Test Operations Engineer
SpaceX Rocket Development Facility
McGregor, TX

Magens Orman

Report Guidelines

USRC 2017 Rules

Design Report Guidelines 2017

Techical Report Guidelines 2017

Final Launch Report Guidelines 2017

SEDS USRC Project Manager
Jonathan Jennings
Systems Engineer – Engines
Honeywell Aerospace
Phoenix, AZ