SEDS Business Plan Competition Announced

September 20, 2011 in News by SEDS Chair

Have a Business Plan for a space product or system that will further the opening of the space frontier?

Then enter the NewSpace Student Business Plan Competition. Make a team of up to five undergraduate or graduate students comprised of all majors from business to engineering. The 5 team finalists will compete at SpaceVision 2011 and pitch their plan to investors like Tom Olson and NewSpace Startup Companies such as Altius Space Machines CEO Jon Goff and many other names in the space industry.

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SpaceVision Registration Now Open

August 7, 2011 in News by SEDS Chair

Registration for SpaceVision 2011 in Boulder, Colorado is now open. Early registration will last for a limited time only, after which rates will increase.

SpaceVision will be held at the Millenium Hotel and Conference Center in Boulder this October 27-30. SpaceVision 2011 will focus on the effect the aerospace industry will have on our futures regarding government policy, entrepreneurship, and sciences. Speakers include Bill Nye, Mark Sirangelo of Sierra Nevada, William Pomerantz of Virgin Galactic, and Robert Richards, one of the co-founders of SEDS. Continue reading “SpaceVision Registration Now Open” »

OU SEDS (University of Oklahoma) Chapter Update 4/29/11

April 30, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS OU

We’ve been holding sidewalk astronomy events on our main campus thoroughfare every couple of weeks with our 8″ Dobsonian telescope (new this semester, purchased with student government funding). This has probably been the most successful and purposeful thing we’ve ever done. Responses from the many passersby have been amazing. We’ve also been joined on one such occasion by a member of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club, Christian Bruggeman, who brought in a 12″ Dobsonian.

The night of April 29, we hosted Dr. Susan Postawko, a planetary scientist from our Department of Meteorology at the National Weather Center. 20 to 30 people showed up to hear her talk about past, present, and future climates of Mars. Officer elections were held the same night, yielding President Adrian Lucy (astrophysics), Vice-President Amber Williams (meteorology), Treasurer Mathew Smeltzer (aerospace engineering), and Secretary Jodi Berdis (astronomy).

Our 2011-2012 budget currently stands at $620, granted by our student government. We will be pursuing additional funding from the Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium, and plan to send some members to SpaceVision 2011.

Our new Facebook page, replacing the old group: OU SEDS —

Our Twitter, now under new management: @sedsou —

If you’d like to be on our email list, let us know at or!

Well Wishes for Representative Giffords

January 26, 2011 in Press Releases by SEDS Webmaster

January 26, 2011

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space USA would like to express the relief of many of our members to hear on Saturday, January 8 that Representative Gabrielle Giffords had survived an attempt on her life in Tucson, Arizona.  In recent weeks we have been excited to hear the enormous progress she has made on the road to recovery from her injuries.  We would like to wish the best to her and her family as they recover from this tragedy in coming weeks and months. Continue reading “Well Wishes for Representative Giffords” »

SEDS-USA Announces Winners of Youtube Contest and Yearly Awards

December 1, 2010 in Press Releases by SEDS Webmaster

December 1, 2010
University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois.

The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space USA (SEDS-USA) announced the winners of various awards at their national conference recently. Continue reading “SEDS-USA Announces Winners of Youtube Contest and Yearly Awards” »

SEDS Announces New Executive Board

November 9, 2010 in Press Releases by SEDS Webmaster

October 9th, 2010
University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois.

During the final day of the 2010 Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS-USA) SpaceVision conference at the University of Illinois, representatives from SEDS chapters across the country voted to appoint twelve new board members to lead the national student organization for the 2010-2011 term.

SEDS-USA welcomes back board members Rick Hanton, Sara Meschberger, Dave Holewka, David DeBoth, and Josh Sosa. They will be joined by new board members Dan Pastuf, Hallie Gengl, Christopher Ogden, Zach Liquiorman, Mike Lotto, Dina Cavicchia, and Anna Ho.

The new executive board team pledges to continue SEDS’ mission of space education while looking towards expanding our organization. We hope to continue working with our many partner organizations to support each other, obtain increased funding for the SEDS-USA endowment fund, and manage a series of competitions for students and young professionals in the coming year.

Representatives also voted for the 2011 yearly SEDS-USA national SpaceVision conference to be hosted by the University of Colorado at Boulder chapter of SEDS-USA, located in Boulder, Colorado. The board congratulates the University of Colorado students on their successful submission and will look forward to that conference in November 2011.

The 2010-2011 Directors of SEDS-USA:

  • Chair – Rick Hanton (Senior in computer engineering at Iowa State University)
  • Vice Chair – Sara Meschberger (Junior in communications and linguistics at the University of Arizona)
  • Chapter Affairs – Dan Pastuf ( Senior in aerospace and mechanical engineering at the University at Buffalo)
  • Chapter Expansion – Hallie Gengl (Junior in earth and space exploration and climatology at Arizona State University)
  • Finance – Christopher Ogden (Senior in business administration at the University at Buffalo)
  • Publications – Dave Holewka (Junior in aerospace and mechanical engineering at the University at Buffalo)
  • Projects – David DeBoth (Senior in physics and space science at the Florida Institute of Technology)
  • Webmaster – Josh Sosa (Senior in computer science at the University of Arizona)
  • Public Outreach – Zach Liquorman (Junior in philosophy at University at Buffalo)
  • Secretary – Mike Lotto (Sophmore in aerospace engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder)
  • Educational Outreach – Dina Cavicchia (Senior in physics education at the University of Central Florida)
  • High School Affairs – Anna Ho (Freshman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Media Contact:

Richard Hanton
Chairman, SEDS-USA
Phone: (651) 747-5864

About SEDS:

The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is the world’s only independent, fully student-run, pro-space organization. Founded in 1980 by students frustrated with the stagnation of NASA after Apollo, SEDS has inspired tens of thousands of students to pursue careers in science, engineering, and technology. SEDS supports a network of over 25 student chapters across the United States, hosts the largest student run space conference in the world, provides students opportunities to develop their leadership skills and professional networks, and inspires others through their involvement in space-related projects. Alumni can be found throughout the space industry in both traditional and “New Space” companies. For more information visit:

Watch SpaceVision 2010 Live Stream!

September 4, 2010 in News by SEDS Webmaster

The 2010 SEDS SpaceVision conference has begun! Watch live video on the SEDS Website.