Congratulations! By now you should have fulfilled the necessary requirements to be a full-blown SEDS chapter, but your mission doesn’t end here. Local, national, and global participation is key to the success of SEDS, so please get involved on all levels of the organization! Locally:

  • Grow the local group.
  • Generate interest in other students and keep them excited about space.
  • Do outreach with other local schools to teach others about space.
  • Do projects that have an impact on space exploration or challenge SEDS students to innovate and excel.
  • Take trips to local space landmarks or museums.


  • Represent your chapter nationally (be your chapter “rep”).
  • Participate in national SEDS discussions (not as tough as being a rep).
  • Take a position on the SEDS National Leadership Board to help direct your country’s SEDS groups.


  • Represent your nation for SEDS-Earth by talking to other nations.
  • Go to national space conferences and network with other SEDS students.
  • Design multi-national SEDS projects for groups around the world to participate in.

SEDS members at the X-Prize Flights

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