Find Other People!

1990s University of Arizona SEDS

The first thing you should do is use whatever means of communication you have at school to find other people that also believe in space exploration, are interested in space, or simply enjoy stargazing or rocketry. We do require that SEDS chapters be comprised of students and they can be set up by any student or an adviser, but others can always help support the SEDS mission ([intlink id="11" type="page"]donate[/intlink] or check out our Facebook Cause). These people can work with you to build a student group and make your job easier. Who knows, maybe you will even find people who have more enthusiasm or better ideas than you that can make your group even better! SEDS chapters in the United States can range in size from 3-4 people to nearly 100, so don’t feel that you need to have every student at your school be part of SEDS, but if you want to make that happen, shoot for the stars! Some tips for finding others:

  • Write a letter to your school or campus newspaper with meeting information.
  • Bring food! Then tell the students how great SEDS is.
  • Advertise with posters (like these ones).

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