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    SSPI/SEDS Satellite Competition

SEDS-USA and SSPI are pleased to present the 2016 Satellite Competition, which will focus on beamed solar power. Click here for a PDF version of the competition summary and registration form.

Solving the Space Solar Power Puzzle

Contacts: Zach Pace (Vice-Chair, BoD, SEDS-USA); Robert Bell (Executive Director, SSPI)

Since the Seventies, there have been serious engineering programs attempting to design orbiting platforms that would capture uninterrupted solar power and transmit it via microwave beam to Earth. The potential to provide vast amounts of generating capacity with no negative impact on the environment is clear. The fundamentals of solar panels in space and power beaming have been proven, but the cost of putting massive generating platforms into space, concerns about radio frequency interference with communications as well as safety have blocked progress past the research phase.

See the PDF version above for full details, and make sure to register by Feb 10!