The Treasurer is responsible for the oversight of all financial and tax matters of SEDS-USA. Explicitly the Treasurer monitors all expenditures of the Board Members and Staff and notifies the Chairs when any chapter becomes delinquent in paying dues, and is directly responsible for overseeing the proper filing of all tax related paper work, and maintains the tax status of SEDS-USA. The Treasurer must make monthly reports to the Board of Directors regarding the financial status of SEDS, including a list of all disbursements made and funds received. The Treasurer must keep in contact throughout his or her tenure with SEDS-USA’s legal counsel to make sure they are updated about all needed financial and legal matters. The Treasurer is also responsible for oversight of any SEDS-USA activity which impacts its tax status.

Chapter Affairs Manager

The Chapter Affairs Manager is responsible for working with all of the chapters through their chapter representatives. The Chapter Affairs Manager is responsible for answering and supporting all requests by individual chapters for information or help. The Chapter Affairs Manager is charged with the task of informing the Board of Directors about special concerns brought to his/her attention by the chapters. If feasible, the Chapter Affairs Manager is to contact each chapter individually twice a year in order to find out how the Board of Directors can better serve the needs of the individual chapters. The Chapter Affairs Manager shall assist the Chairman of the Council of Chapters in their Duties.

Educational Outreach Project Manager

The Educational Outreach Project Manager is in charge of making and compiling educational materials and programs to promote space. The materials and programs which they shall develop shall fall within the National Unified Educational Plan. There shall be as many Educational Project Managers as designated by the Executive Director.

Public Affairs Coordinator

The SEDS Public Affairs Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating and developing SEDS-USA National Public Affairs efforts. This shall include, but not be limited to, coordinating with partner organizations for March storm efforts, and coordinating the development policy positions for various SEDS efforts as it results in public policy. The incumbent shall develop and coordinate policy teams with the advisement of the Board of Directors, and prepare positions for their review and approval.

Graphic Artist

The SEDS Graphic Artist shall develop and maintain graphical packages for SEDS-USA. They shall seek to create and maintain a consistent public release and public image for the organization. Duties shall include creation of graphics packages and graphics for project manager requests, graphical redesign and integration of content as needed, handling and developing a system for image requests, and outsourcing as needed specific image requests.

Project Manager – High Altitude Weather Balloon Competition

The High Altitude Weather Balloon Competition Project Manager shall develop, coordinate, and manage the High Altitude Weather Balloon Competition. The incumbent shall perform rules development, team registration and coordination, judge determination, and conduct the contest as desired. The incumbent shall develop the program and provide incentives for added participation in the competition. They shall work with an independent panel of judges where appropriate. They shall develop competition partnerships as required to both build incentives and promote further participation in the program.

Project Manager – Leadership Development Conference

The leadership development conference is a project concept to host a pre-conference event alongside another national summer event, providing SEDS members an opportunity to discuss and develop concurrently ideas to build SEDS, both nationally and at the local level. The Project manager shall be responsible for the coordination of this event, including promotion, registration, development, logistics, and programming. They shall, under the advisement of the Executive Director, create any necessary appointments under them to build a conference support team.

Grant Writer

Grant writer shall be responsible for writing proposals for both unrestricted operating revenue and restricted projects and for submitting timely and accurate reports for all existing grant funded projects. They shall coordinate with project managers to develop specific data required for reporting of grants, based on grant requirements. The incumbent shall be responsible for conducting the full range of activities required to prepare, submit, and manage grant proposals to foundation and corporate sources. They shall perform prospect research on foundations and corporations to evaluate prospects for corporate and foundation grants.

Alumni Association Coordinator

The Alumni Association Coordinator shall serve as the developer of the SEDS Alumni network, and shall create and maintain communications among SEDS Alum. They shall coordinate and necessary programs and personnel to accomplish building the network of SEDS Alum. They shall create programs and events which further the goals of SEDS-USA and its alum, by promoting networking and enhanced discussion among the space community.

NOVA Creative Manager

The NOVA Creative Manager is responsible for the artistic style and layout displayed by the NOVA. The incumbent shall create graphical and stylistic designs for the NOVA, and strive to maintain a consistent professional, reproducible image for the publication. This shall include, but not be limited to the production of NOVA cover art and general page layout. Graphical experience is desired but not required.

NOVA Marketing Manager

The NOVA Marketing manager is responsible for developing, maintaining, and fulfilling advertising commitments in the NOVA magazine. They shall seek national advertisement opportunities, and engage in activities to promote the NOVA brand, including presentations and assorted meetings.


The SEDS-USA Bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining records of financial transactions by establishing accounts; posting transactions. They shall assist the treasurer with financial record making, and transactional reporting. They shall develop processes accounting for finical transactions which shall include a chart of accounts. They will assist the treasurer with the implementation of financial policies and procedures. They will maintain and balance accounts and the general ledger, alongside preparing a trial balance and reconciling entries.

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