2014 University Student Rocketry Challenge


Welcome to the homepage of the 2014 University Student Rocketry Challenge.  Now in it’s fourth year, this competition challenges university students to design, build, and launch a high-powered rocket that carries a 3 lb payload to an altitude of 10,000 feet in the quickest time possible.

The USRC is designed so that it can be successfully completed by teams with no to little experience in high-powered rocketry, but also to pose a challenge to teams who have rocketry experience.  Thus, teams are scored not only on their ability to reach the target altitude, but also on a number of other objectives, such as carrying a research payload or flying with a custom “research” propulsion system.  Teams must also document their design and fabrication through engineering reports, which will be submitted for review by the judging panel and scored.

Who is Eligible?

Entry to the USRC is open to students or teams of students from any university in the United States.  There is no cost to enter the competition.  Note: ENTRY DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MARCH 14.  Please send a letter of intent to usrc@seds.org to enter the competition.  The letter should state your intent to compete, and should have a roster of team members and their contact info attached (which can be updated at any point during the competition if needed).

Selection of Winners and Prizes

The competition will be scored by a panel of three judges (names to be announced).  These judges will score the design reports and will be responsible for the final determination of flight scores.  At the conclusion of the competition, the first place team will receive a cash prize of $1000, to be awarded at the SpaceVision 2014 conference in Chapel Hill, NC, in November 2014.

Official Rules

Official Rules

Team Roster Template

Please contact usrc@seds.org with any questions or to submit a team roster!