Distribute 300 Shuttle Tiles to USA K-12 Schools
NASA's Shuttles are a continuing educational inspiration. The development that was required to launch the large spacecraft regularly, perform intense operations, and be able to re-enter unscathed has moved elder generations. Now that the shuttles are retired, NASA has been willing to share the tiles with schools and institutions to help spread this legacy of inspiration to today's youth. SEDS aims to help NASA and nationwide schools to receive a shuttle tile for their school's students viewing.
What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
NASA has offered to share their legacy shuttle tiles, 1 per school that are registered, for free to the exception of shipping costs. Even though this cheap cost exists it is preventative of school's being able to request and receive a tile.
How will this project solve this problem?
SEDS would like to help 8-12 and universities to receive the shuttle tiles for free by subsidizing the cost from NASA. We realize that the low cost should not be so prohibitive so that schools cannot receive a tile. Providing the tiles to school's for free will increase the student and community viewing, so that the ceramic tiles and shuttle legacy will continue to be an inspiration to thousands!
Potential Long Term Impact
We will educate 1000+ students across the US nation and work with our international partners to encourage the youth to take responsibility and initiative to develop a stronger tomorrow. While SEDS is an interest group that seeks to promote exploring and developing space, our best path forward can often come from unexpected directions; because of this the organization seeks to promote active leadership and involvement in fostering the debate of these topics, both among ourselves and the public.
Funding Received:
$ 55.50
Funds Remaining:
$ 4,444.50
Funding Goal:
$ 4,500.00

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Distribute 300 Shuttle Tiles to USA K-12 Schools

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