Middle & High School Student Scholarships
The project will grant a scholarship of $500 15 middle or high school students that can demonstrate aspirations to pursue a career in the space industry. Pioneering the space frontier is one of our civilization's great challenges and its future lies in the hearts and minds of today. By making a donation towards this project, you will help encourage young students to achieve their ambitious goals.
What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
The growth of industries related to extraction of resources and development of energy and transportation infrastructure in space will require a strong and dedicated workforce in the near future. This scholarship is targeted towards inspiring the youth of today to pursue careers within the space industry and thus this project will help create the workforce of tomorrow.
How will this project solve this problem?
The scholarship paid for by your donation will reinforce a young student's dreams and ambitions. It will foster enthusiasm and a desire to tackle challenging problems. It will allow a student to fund interesting and educational space-related projects such as rocketry, astronomy or high-altitude balloons.
Potential Long Term Impact
By making an investment in the future of a young student today, you will have contributed towards his or her success in times ahead. Space exploration and development has brought back immense returns and benefits to humanity in the past and will continue to do so in the future. With your help, we can become a space-faring civilization in the long-term and achieve high standards of living for the masses.
Funding Received:
$ 129.50
Funds Remaining:
$ 7,370.50
Funding Goal:
$ 7,500.00

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Middle & High School Student Scholarships

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