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    SEDS Orbit

SEDS Orbit is a mentoring program designed to get students thinking about common aspects of thought that many people go through daily, with the goal to have mentors and mentees engage at least once a week over email. This is an active program that connects students to other students as well as industry professionals in a judgement-free engagement.

Each week an email is sent out from SEDS Orbit to prompt a discussion between the participants. Topics include everything from awareness of your impact on society to different aspects of imposter syndrome, as well as other trains of thought many people have. These prompts are a good framework to have a conversation about, but the discussion can be up to the paired individuals.


To sign up, just take less than a minute to fill out the SEDS Orbit Typeform.



Mentors are expected to check in with mentees every week and tell the SEDS Mentorship Coordinator if their partner isn’t responsive. They will also be asked to check in every month to see how things are going.



Mentees talk freely with their mentor about what is going on in their lives, whether related to that week’s prompt or not.


Any questions about the program can be directed to the SEDS USA Mentorship Coordinator:

Cameron Crowell