Council of Chapters Meeting, November 16th 2014

Date: 16 November 2014 Attendance: Charles Cain Dan Pastuf Arizona State University Boston University Colorado School of Mines Space Society Illinois Space Society North Carolina State University Old Dominion University Metropolitan State University of Denver San Jose University Santa Clara University South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Texas A&M UCLA University of Alabama University […]

Board of Directors Meeting, November 11th 2014

Date: 7:00pm PST, 11 November 2014 Attendance:Dan Pastuf, Zach Pace, Hannah Kerner, Audrey Horne, Andrew Newman, Miekkal Clarkson, Alan Smith, Charles Cain Agenda SpaceTalks International Chapters Process Appointments Committee High Altitude Balloon Challenge Executive Director Search Committee   Updates Audrey – SpaceVision completion, and University of Portland dues paid Zach – Written up thank you […]

October Update from SEDS-USA

SEDS students, supporters, alumni, and friends, I’d like to start by welcoming our new chapters who just joined this month! Our space family now includes American University, University of Alabama, San Jose State University, University of Maine, Santa Clara University, and University of Missouri. Check out this article about the foundation of University of Missouri […]

Board of Directors Meeting, October 23rd 2014

Board Members Present: Hannah Kerner, John Lightholder, Audrey Horne, Kristina Monakhova, Andrew Harris Staff Members Present: Dan Pastuf Date: 9:00 PM EDT October 23rd 2014 Agenda Updates Vote to Move Money National Award Winners Discussion Updates: Jack Lightholder: Jack raised a potential issue with our online candidacy form for future Board members, which was resolved […]

Board of Directors Meeting, October 16th 2014

Board members in attendance: Hannah Kerner, Andrew Harris, Kristina Monakhova, Arjumand Alvi, Michael D’Angelo Staff members in attendance: Date: Agenda:   Discussion: Updates Andrew: Talked to a potential at-large candidate. Updated meeting minutes, continuing to do so. Arjumand: Organized SpaceTalks Kristina: Talked to a potential at-large candidate. Also discussed the future of the rocketry competition […]

SpaceTalks with Mike Mackowski, Engineer at Orbital Sciences Corporation

Mike Mackowski has been an Engineer at Orbital Sciences Corporation for over 14 years. He has extensive experience in the design of spacecraft subsystems and space vehicle concepts, as well as the analysis of spacecraft requirements and performance. He will be talking about career paths in the space industry and will take your questions during […]

Council of Chapters Meeting Minutes, October 8th 2014

Board/Staff members present: Andrew Harris, Kristina Monakhova Chapters Present: Virginia Tech SEDS, SEDS UCF, BU SEDS, Clarkson SEDS, CU SEDS, UCLA SEDS, SEDS NCSU Agenda   Discussion Due to a lack of quorum, no votes were able to occur at this meeting. SpaceVision Updates: Kristina Monakhova updated the council on the status of SpaceVision, namely […]

Board of Directors Meeting, October 2nd 2014

Board members present: Hannah Kerner, Jack Lightholder, Audrey Horne, Kristina Monakhova, Andrew Harris, Michael D’Angelo, Arjumand Alvi Staff members present: Dan Pastuf Date and Time: 9PM, September 25th Agenda:   Updates​ HAB Challenge/GSBC SpaceVision update ​CoC at SV SpaceTalks Discussion 1. Updates: Andrew: Chapter Rep guide has been finished, will be sent to Danny Pagano […]

SpaceTalks with Clay Anderson, Former NASA Astronaut

Former NASA Astronaut Clay Anderson will be talking about his career path and his momentous journey. He will also elaborate on his experiences as an astronaut and will talk about factors that shaped his career. Please join SEDS-USA for this great discussion! “Astro Clay” –Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson– applied 15 times before NASA selected him […]

Board of Directors Meeting, September 25th 2014

Board members present: Jack Lightholder, Audrey Horne, Arjumand Alvi, Michael D’Angelo, Kristina Monakhova, Andrew Harris Staff members present: Date and Time: 9PM, October 2nd Agenda:   Updates​ SpaceVision Room Blocks Discussion 1. Updates: All board members gave brief updates on their status. 2. SpaceVision Room block date: Jack reminded the board that rooms for SpaceVision […]