Board of Directors Meeting, January 22nd 2015

Date: 6:00pm PST, 22 January 2015 Attendance: Zach Pace, Vice Chair Miekkal Clarkson, Secretary Andrew Newman, Member at Large Charles Cain, Council of Chapters Chair John Conafay, Executive Director Audrey Horne, Treasurer Hannah Kerner, Chair   Agenda: Updates    Items Discussed Updates Andrew Met with Hannah and John to talk about STEM SoCH and our […]

SpaceTalks with Daniel Baca, Senior Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin Corporation

Daniel Baca is a Senior Systems Engineer in the Orion program at Lockheed Martin. He holds multiple degrees including Bachelors’ degrees in Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy, and a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering with an emphasis in Bioastronautics. Mr. Baca has worked in various areas of space exploration both academically and professionally for the past […]

Satellites Around Mars Research and Engineering Competition

We want you to design a system of communication satellites that enable robotic exploration and manned colonization of Mars in the next 20 years! That’s right: SEDS-USA is pleased to partner with the Society of Satellite Professionals International to bring you the Satellites Around Mars Research and Engineering Competition! This inter-disciplinary competition is intended to […]

Board of Directors Meeting, January 15th 2015

Date: 4:10pm PST, 15 January 2015  Attendance: Miekkal Clarkson, Secretary Zach Pace, Vice Chair Hannah Kerner, Chair Audrey Horne, Treasurer Andrew Newman, Member at Large Alan Smith, Member at Large John Conafay, Executive Director Agenda: Updates from everyone Board and Staff retreat Collaboration with USRA SpaceTalks next week Email Lists/aliases Policy involvement Sprint Project    Items […]

Board of Directors Meeting, January 6th 2015

Date: 7:25pm PST, 6 January 2015  Attendance: Andrew Newman, Charles Cain, John Conafay, Miekkal Clarkson, Hannah Kerner, Alan Smith Agenda: Updates Executive Director Update    Items Discussed Updates Hannah Working on the current state of finances with John and Audrey Looking to partner with other groups to see how the run their conferences, and who are […]

Board of Directors Meeting, December 30th 2014

Date: 7:10pm PST, 30 December 2014 Attendance: Zach Pace, Dan Pastuf, Miekkal Clarkson, Audrey Horne, Andrew Newman   Agenda: 1. Updates   Items Discussed: 1. Updates Zach Sent out a bunch of Prospectus information Still working with SSPI Working with SpaceGrant Consortia to find companies and other consortia who are wanting to connect with intern. Hannah Email will be sent […]

December Update from SEDS-USA

SEDS members, alumni, sponsors, and friends, I hope everyone is finishing up finals with a big bang (see what I did there?), relaxing now that you’re done, or rejoicing that you graduated some time ago and never have to deal with finals again. Remember that our Matching Campaign is continuing for the duration of December, so if […]

Board of Directors Meeting, December 9th 2014

Date: 7:10pm PST, 9 December 2014 Attendance: Alan Smith, Andrew Newman, Audrey Horne, Charles Cain, Dan Pastuf, John Conafay, Zach Pace, Miekkal Clarkson, Hannah Kerner   Agenda: 1. Financial Needs 2. Updates 3. Next sprint planning     Items Discussed 1. Financial Needs: John: The accounts have been mixed around due to the way they were imported, […]

Board of Directors Meeting, December 2nd 2014

Date: 7:00pm PST, 2 December 2014 Attendance: Charles Cain, Hannah Kerner, Miekkal Clarkson, Zach Pace, Dan Pastuf, Audrey Horne, Alan Smith   Agenda ​​Updates Sprint Planning   Items Discussed Updates: Zach Pace: Emailed Barrett Caldwell to get SpaceGrant Consortia involvement on a national level, possibly including sponsoring attendance to SpaceVision Meeting later this week with Chris […]

Board of Directors Meeting, November 25th 2014

Date: 7:15pm PST, 25 November 2014 Attendance: Dan Pastuf, Zach Pace, Hannah Kerner, Audrey Horne, Andrew Newman, Miekkal Clarkson, Alan Smith, Charles Cain Agenda Executive Director Announcement Updates Staff Reviews/Status EDSC Update Votes on votes for moving bank money   Items Discussed Executive Director Announcement Dan is stepping down from the position of Executive Director at […]