Masten Space Systems SEDS Opportunity

Masten Space Systems has offered SEDS a great opportunity. They are giving us the opportunity to fly a payload on board one of their craft. Right now, we are looking to get an idea of the interest level from chapters to see if they have any sort of project or payload to fly. The specifications are 20kg weight, must be integrated on the craft, be self-contained, and not use 900 MHz transmission range. If your chapter is interested and/or has any questions, please contact

ISDC Early Registration

The International Space Development Conference (ISDC), one of the largest worldwide space industry conferences arranged by our partner organization, the NSS will be in Chicago, IL on May 27-31.

Registration rates, currently $40 for students, increase after the end of February, so students should get their tickets now! Even those students wishing to volunteer will need to register and will be reimbursed after volunteering.

New SEDS-USA Facebook Updates

SEDS-USA now has a bigger and better presence on Facebook. Become a fan of SEDS-USA on the SEDS-USA fan page and support our work to grow the endowment fund via the SEDS-USA Causes Profile.

SEDS Fourth Quarter NOVA Released

SEDS-USA announces the publishing of the 4th Quarter NOVA Magazine! Check out what happened at SpaceVision 2009, and read articles written exclusively by SEDS members! Featured are the new additions to the magazine, including the “Blast from the Past” and “Legislative Updates,” as well as the usual “Alumni Spotlight” and “This Month in Space.” Make sure to check it out at

-David Holewka
Director of Publications

Masten Space Systems Internship!

Masten Space Systems is looking for student interns!

Recent winners of the Northrup Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge Level 2, they’re looking for students for Spring, Summer, and Fall internships!

Deadline is Sunday December 6th! So apply NOW!

NASA Undergraduate Student Research Project

Mentored Research Opportunity: NASA Undergraduate Student Research Project

NASA’s USRP offers U.S. undergraduates research experiences at NASA centers. Applications are available for the 2010 spring and summer sessions. Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are sophomores, juniors or seniors with a 3.0 GPA. They must have an academic major or course work concentration in engineering, math, computer science, or physical or life sciences. The application deadline is Oct. 23, 2009 for the spring session, and Jan. 22, 2010 for the summer session.

ISS Competition

SEDS has partnered with the 2009 International Year of Astronomy to celebrate the current international collaboration in space – the International Space Station (ISS). Students will build a model of the ISS, which will be judged by a panel of industry leaders and SEDS executive officers. For more information, check out our flyers:

Live webcast with Peter Diamandis!

X PRIZE Foundation is celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the winning of the Ansari X PRIZE. We are going to host a live webcast with Peter Diamandis next Tuesday as a part of the celebration — and would love to have you participate!

What: Interview with The X PRIZE Man: Peter Diamandis

When: Tuesday, October 6, 1:00pm PST

Where: Live broadcast on the X PRIZE Ustream channel:

SEDS Chapter Expansion Kit

Interested in starting a SEDS chapter? Check out our Chapter Expansion Kit at:

Keep America in Space

The Coalition for Space Exploration, of which SEDS is a member, has released a new website about the importance of space exploration. I would encourage all SEDS friends and members to visit the website: Clear skies, Joshua V. Nelson Chairman, SEDS-USA