Keep America in Space

The Coalition for Space Exploration, of which SEDS is a member, has released a new website about the importance of space exploration. I would encourage all SEDS friends and members to visit the website: Clear skies, Joshua V. Nelson Chairman, SEDS-USA

Congratulations to SpaceX

Congratulations to SpaceX, Elon Musk, and the numerous SEDS alumni working for SpaceX. Once again you have put the rock into Rocket Science. The satellite successfully achieved orbit, separated from the launch vehicle, turned on, and communicated with Earth. Clear skies and good luck with Falcon 9! ~ Your friends at SEDS

Space Generation Advisory Council

All, Please read the below announcement from our friends at the Space Generation Advisory Council. Clear skies, Joshua V. Nelson Chairman, SEDS-USA – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – We are pleased to […]

High School Opportunities

If you are a high school educator looking to get involved with SEDS, please contact our Director of High School Affairs at: More information about SEDS can be found at: Or by downloading our chapter expansion kit: (Be warned this file is several megabytes in size) If you have any questions, please […]

NSS ISU Scholarship

All, Every year the National Space Society, SEDS, Space Generation, and ISU offer a $12,000 scholarship to the International Space University. This year the scholarship is reserved for students attending the summer session held at NASA Ames over the summer. The deadline is January 30th! More info at: Clear skies, Joshua V. Nelson Chairman, […]

Microgravity Competition

All, The Heinlein Prize Trust and SpaceX are sponsoring a microgravity competition for US Colleges and Universities. This competition challenges College and University groups to propose research projects in Microgravity. The winning team receives: – Flight of an experiment in Earth orbit as early as November 2009 – A grant of $25,000 – A trip […]

SEDS Chapter Expansion Kit

SEDS USA is happy to release the latest version of our SEDS Chapter Expansion Kit. This kit contains all of the information necessary to start a SEDS chapter anywhere in the world! This kit can be found at: Warning: Document is just over 7 MB in size. Clear skies, Joshua V. Nelson Chairman, SEDS-USA […]

SEDS Launches Endowment Fund

SEDS Launches its Endowment Fund campaign, an ambitious plan to raise $300,000 to place in a mutual fund. The interest of this fund will be used to fund the activities of SEDS for years to come and help establish SEDS as a truly stable organization. For the full press release, please see:

Response to NASAWatch

SEDS has recently been publicly criticized by Keith Cowing, author of the popular space blog for not properly utilizing our Advisor Board. The official response on behalf of SEDS can be found here: With this criticism SEDS proudly joins the company of dozens of other space agencies and organizations whose errors have been […]