SEDS-Announce Email List

The seds-announce list is for announcements about SEDS-USA programs from the executive board. All, including non-students, are welcome to join this list to learn more about upcoming events.


SEDS-Discuss Email List

The seds-discuss list is for general discussion of any space-related topic. All students are welcome to join the discussion.


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SEDS-Alumni Email List

The seds-alumni list is for general discussion among alumni of SEDS. All current alumni who at one time participated in SEDS as well as friends of SEDS are welcome to join the list.


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SEDS NOVA Distribution List

The nova list will send you an e-mail announcing the release of the NOVA, including what’s new with the NOVA this quarter as well as a link to view the currently released edition. Friends, alumni, and current members of SEDS are welcome to join the list and see what’s new in SEDS.


Join the NOVA email list for the latest edition of the NOVA.

SEDS-Chapters Email List

The seds-chapters list contains all official SEDS-USA announcements that are sent out to chapters. The membership of this list consists of the officers of all SEDS-USA chapters. For access to the list, please email the Chapter Affairs Director.

Job Opportunities Email List

The job opportunities list is for posting information from companies who are looking for applicants for engineering/science jobs. Everyone is welcome to join the list and obtain details about available job opportunities.


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