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2018-2019 Board of Directors

Service on the Board of Directors is a unique opportunity to impact the future of space exploration and development. You will work with students from across the country who share your passion for all things space. Every officer’s duties center around connecting chapters, working with industry to create professional opportunities, and spread enthusiasm and knowledge about the journey into the final frontier. As an entirely student-run, volunteer organization, it is upon this leadership that SEDS continues to thrive and grow.

The SEDS-USA Board of Directors consists of seven officers elected by the Council of Chapters (CoC) from among the SEDS student membership. Every active chapter has one vote, which is cast by their CoC representative. While elections take place at the annual SpaceVision conference, attendance is not required to run or for a chapter to have its vote counted. Ballots will be collected via email on the day of the election (more details to come soon).


A proven leader who has a well-rounded idea of not only what it takes to foster and grow an organization but also how to balance that with realistic constraints. 

Officer Duties: Chair of the Board of Directors

  • Lead the Board of Directors and SEDS-USA
  • Schedule and preside over regular meetings
  • Coordinate and manage the efforts of Board and Staff members
  • Provide vision for the future of the organization
Vice Chair

Someone who can take over for the Chair when necessary and be effective at managing the national team. In addition, this officer coordinates partners and sponsors in industry and beyond. 

Officer Duties: Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

  • Manage national fundraising, including for the annual SpaceVision conference
  • Serve as the face of SEDS-USA to industry and organizational partners
  • Ensure effective communication between the Boards of Directors. Trustees, and Advisors
  • Assume the role of Chair when called upon

Someone who really wants to learn about handling the accounting for a national 501(c)3 organization. This is an incredible opportunity for those business/finance/accounting students that are having a hard time finding where their skills fit into the space industry. 

Officer Duties: Treasurer

  • Ensure continuation of the organization’s nonprofit status
  • Manage SEDS-USA donations and spending
  • Develop and revise an annual budget

A student with keen attention to detail that, beyond taking notes during meetings, will keep the national organization running smoothly and help to ensure the communication/preservation of information across the SEDS infrastructure now and into the future. 

Officer Duties: Secretary

  • Keep the machinery of SEDS-USA running smoothly
  • Maintain and reinforce continuity of information, including note-taking and file management
  • Track and manage membership information
Chair of the Council of Chapters

Community leaders wanted! The Council of Chapters Chair is the liaison between the SEDS chapters and the Board of Directors, making real the focus of SEDS-USA on the development of its student members. 

Officer Duties: Chair of the Council of Chapters

  • Organize and lead monthly CoC meetings
  • Distribute newsletters to and collect feedback from chapters
  • Facilitate interaction across SEDS’ membership and communicate their concerns to the Board
  • Guide new chapters and connect them with others in their region
Members at Large

Two passionate SEDS members with specific ideas and the drive to implement them at a national level. In addition to vision, a proven track record of successful execution is key. 

Officer Duties: Member at Large

  • Manage projects and events
  • Take point on new national initiatives
  • Support chapter participation in national activities

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