2018-2019 Board of Directors

Service on the Board of Directors is a unique opportunity to impact the future of space exploration and development. You will work with students from across the country who share your passion for all things space. Every officer’s duties center around connecting chapters, working with industry to create professional opportunities, and spread enthusiasm and knowledge about the journey into the final frontier. As an entirely student-run, volunteer organization, it is upon this leadership that SEDS continues to thrive and grow.

The SEDS-USA Board of Directors consists of seven officers elected by the Council of Chapters (CoC) from among the SEDS student membership. Every active chapter has one vote, which is cast by their CoC representative. While elections take place at the annual SpaceVision conference, attendance is not required to run or for a chapter to have its vote counted.

2019 Interim Candidate Positions


Member at Large Candidates:

Obi Anyadiegwu, University of North Texas

The US (NASA) and Russia (ROSCOSMOS) are signees on the Space Station Intergovernmental Agreement – two countries usually at odds with each other that have managed to maintain an armistice in space. I have always believed that space, as the next frontier, will serve as a unifier of nations and people. This summer I had the pleasure of attending the NewSpace conference and saw professions ranging from lawyers to engineers to advocates all actively engaging as peers on this subject. This is an approach and vision that my conference committee is applying when UNT hosts SpaceVision 2020. As project manager for my chapter’s SEDS, I am inclusive of the Arts and other non-stem majors when planning Space Vision 2020.

Inclusivity has always been a passion of mine and my main two goals, aside from traditional duties, as SEDS USA Member at Large upon election rely on this.

My first goal is a focus on outreach to non-STEM majors, as I firmly believe there is a place for everyone in the space industry.

The second goal is to increase outreach to high schools, junior colleges and HBCUs by creating satellite SEDS chapters in schools near major SEDS branches.

The broadening of our membership pool will aid us in getting more people who are truly passionate about space.

In short, I believe my personality and project management skills meet the bar for the MaL position, but my vision for inclusivity and desire for the expansion of SEDS raise me above the bar.


Eitan Lis, The Ohio State University

I believe I am an excellent choice for the position of Member at Large because of my diverse range of experiences, my ability to identify pervasive issues and formulate solutions that resolve problems at every organizational level, and my passion for the space community. As someone who has founded and built three unique clubs, I have had the opportunity to plan programming on the local, national, and international scale. During my attendance at dozens of leadership conferences around the world, I have advocated for and worked to implement solutions to institutional problems. One of my proudest accomplishments was writing a constitutional amendment for a multinational religious youth group allowing membership to transgender people, which passed by unanimous vote. Additionally, as a result of my experiences on the chapter and regional levels, I intimately understand the struggles a leader faces when dealing with issues like participation. I have found that the strength of character required to continually motivate unmotivated members and leaders to remain engaged in the long term is too big a burden to expect anyone to bear alone. In order to bolster commitment to SEDS, as a Member at Large I know that it would be my responsibility to promote unity within the organization by acting as a support network for chapter leadership. I will work diligently to ensure that each chapter and every individual member feels compelled to act in the understanding that we, together, are responsible for the success of SEDS.


Chanel Richardson, Tufts University

With previous leadership experience as the president of Tufts’ NSBE chapter and recruitment chair for Tufts’ STEM Ambassadors, I have developed skills and mentalities that would make me a good fit for the member at large role. Both of these positions led me to think of innovative ways to engage members, attract new members, and offer as much as possible from an organization to an individual.

My goal in this position would be to think about how to engage students academically and professionally. One great way to do this would be to provide a monthly online forum where students can receive a live broadcast from people in various facets of space industry. It can be hard to juggle school and make time to attend national events, so I think it would be important to provide resources that are accessible anywhere.

Further, I think more regional events and a centralized list of regional resources would be helpful for each SEDS chapter. I’m aware that the executive board working on a Wiki to provide this and I’d be interested in contributing to this project

Furthermore, I think it is important to garner diversity for the future of aerospace leaders. I have numerous ideas that would help make SEDS as diverse as possible across all areas of representation.

These few ideas do not represent all that I will contribute to SEDS, but hopefully capture my excitement about having the opportunity to contribute to SEDS on a national level.

Thanks for your consideration!


Caitlyn Singam, University of Maryland, College Park

SEDS has the potential to cement itself as a leading light in the space sector, not just as a pool of student talent but as an organization that helps define the culture of the space sector for the next generation of young professionals. With over 400 members in our Chapter of Councils Slack alone, we are not just uniquely positioned to make a difference in the culture of the space sector for the next generation – we are the generation that will make a difference. By setting standards for ethical conduct and by making a clear, unequivocal commitment through our policies and guidelines that we not only support a future without harassment or discrimination, but that we’re helping make that future happen, I believe SEDS can truly become a leader in shaping how the space sector is run in the future. And that starts here, by making a difference one policy at a time.
If I am elected to the position of Member at Large, I would like to continue my work with the Diversity Working Group via SEDS Launch – specifically, writing SEDS’s first comprehensive ethical conduct guidelines. My vision would be to launch the guidelines at SpaceVision, and to have the conference as a launching point for SEDS to define itself as a leader in defining the culture of the space sector of the future.

I hope I will have the opportunity to help make that vision a reality by as your Member at Large.


Treasurer Candidates:

Matthew Barr, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

I am a junior mechanical engineer and I am running for the position of Treasurer. I currently am serving SEDS USA development team to restructure fundraising strategies for a reliable and long term budget structure for SEDS USA. Due to the nature of the position of Treasurer, the collaboration between the development team and the treasurer would be very beneficial to the overall fundraising structure for SEDS USA. I personally am also willing to put in as much work as possible to ensure the success of SEDS USA on a long term scale. With that being said, I have already come up with multiple ideas from research and brainstorming with the development team that will be beneficial. Being the treasurer will enable me to help SEDS USA even further giving me a wider understanding of the cash flow of SEDS which will be beneficial for developing a stable budget plan.


Joalda Morancy, University of Chicago

Hey everyone! My name is Joalda Morancy and I am a rising second-year at the University of Chicago majoring in Physics and Music! I first became involved with SEDS back in November when I was really excited about the idea of starting a chapter, and simply decided to tweet about it (as one does with many of their thoughts). Little did I know that the one tweet could lead to so much support from the SEDS community, and help me begin to get involved with such an amazing organization.

Since then I’ve been working with my friends to grow the SEDS-UChicago chapter, and we’ve done some exciting events, including hosting a Yuri’s Night get-together, successfully attempting to launch a High Altitude Balloon, and also planning future events such as inviting trailblazers in the field to talk at our university. I’ve also been working with the SEDS-USA as part of their SEDS-Launch program, specifically working with other amazing people to implement diversity and inclusion within the organization. I’ve had an amazing time within these past 9 months, and I want to expand my contribution even more by working as Treasurer for SEDS.

I’ve done past Treasurer work during high school, and know the basics of how to handle and organize a budget. But, by working as Treasurer I feel like I can expand my knowledge, and also understand what it takes to help plan for a 501(c)3 organization! I also believe that working as Treasurer can provide me with a skillset that I most likely won’t be receiving as a STEM and humanities major, and I believe this position can provide that through its interdisciplinary nature.

Thank you for this opportunity, and also thank you SEDS-USA for allowing me to be apart of such an awesome group of people!



A proven leader who has a well-rounded idea of not only what it takes to foster and grow an organization but also how to balance that with realistic constraints. 

Officer Duties: Chair of the Board of Directors

  • Lead the Board of Directors and SEDS-USA
  • Schedule and preside over regular meetings
  • Coordinate and manage the efforts of Board and Staff members
  • Provide vision for the future of the organization
Vice Chair

Someone who can take over for the Chair when necessary and be effective at managing the national team. In addition, this officer coordinates partners and sponsors in industry and beyond. 

Officer Duties: Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

  • Manage national fundraising, including for the annual SpaceVision conference
  • Serve as the face of SEDS-USA to industry and organizational partners
  • Ensure effective communication between the Boards of Directors. Trustees, and Advisors
  • Assume the role of Chair when called upon

Someone who really wants to learn about handling the accounting for a national 501(c)3 organization. This is an incredible opportunity for those business/finance/accounting students that are having a hard time finding where their skills fit into the space industry. 

Officer Duties: Treasurer

  • Ensure continuation of the organization’s nonprofit status
  • Manage SEDS-USA donations and spending
  • Develop and revise an annual budget

A student with keen attention to detail that, beyond taking notes during meetings, will keep the national organization running smoothly and help to ensure the communication/preservation of information across the SEDS infrastructure now and into the future. 

Officer Duties: Secretary

  • Keep the machinery of SEDS-USA running smoothly
  • Maintain and reinforce continuity of information, including note-taking and file management
  • Track and manage membership information
Chair of the Council of Chapters

Community leaders wanted! The Council of Chapters Chair is the liaison between the SEDS chapters and the Board of Directors, making real the focus of SEDS-USA on the development of its student members. 

Officer Duties: Chair of the Council of Chapters

  • Organize and lead monthly CoC meetings
  • Distribute newsletters to and collect feedback from chapters
  • Facilitate interaction across SEDS’ membership and communicate their concerns to the Board
  • Guide new chapters and connect them with others in their region
Members at Large

Two passionate SEDS members with specific ideas and the drive to implement them at a national level. In addition to vision, a proven track record of successful execution is key. 

Officer Duties: Member at Large

  • Manage projects and events
  • Take point on new national initiatives
  • Support chapter participation in national activities

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