UASEDS Chapter Update 9/23/2011

September 23, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS Arizona

With the start of the new school year, UASEDS has been rather busy. We have participated in several different club fairs to recruit new members. We have also worked toward establishing teams for our ASCEND! Balloon Payload project and Microgravity University. Our chapter’s Rockoon team has also continued work, performing some ground launches to test electronics.

We have made plans to send 12 individuals to SpaceVision in Boulder next month, so we are excited about that. Smaller side trips are also being planned to nearby telescopes and museums.

GWSS SEDS Chapter Update 9/21/2011

September 21, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS GWU

At the beginning of September GWSS SEDS appointed new chapter leadership and began planning for the semester. To kick off the semester we held a networking happy hour on Sept. 7 which brought together current chapter members from the GW Space Policy program and the GW School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, former chapter members, and members of the broader DC space community.

GWSS SEDS members are traveling extensively in September and October to participate in conferences and activities. These include the CalTech Space Challenge: Mission to an Asteroid (Pasadena, CA), AIAA Space 2011 (Long Beach, CA), 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium (Orlando, FL), SpaceVision2011 (Boulder, CO), Space Generation Congress (Cape Town, South Africa), and the International Astronautical Congress (Cape Town, South Africa).

GWSS SEDS is also working to assist AIAA and Explore Mars, Inc. with events to be held on the GW campus this fall.

SLU SEDS Chapter Update 9/20/2011

September 20, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS SLU

Over the summer, many members of SLU-SEDS have been working on our student satellite, COPPER, currently manifested for a Summer 2012 launch through NASA’s ELaNa program. More recently, we’ve visited the St. Louis Science Center’s McDonnell Planetarium and stargazed with the St. Louis Astronomical Society.

For the coming quarter, we have several activities planned. We’re currently planning our campus’ Humans vs. Zombies game, scheduled for the week of October 17th. We’ve had contacts with the St. Louis Science Center’s community outreach department and are planning to get involved with their work. We’ve secured funding to construct and test homemade rocket engines. We have two guest speakers lined up to discuss Small Satellites and Planetary (non-Earth) Weather. Our members will also continue to work on COPPER.

Kentucky SEDS Chapter Update 9/19/2011

September 19, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UKY

In the previous quarter Kentucky SEDS has been dormant with Summer Vacation coming to a close last month.  We currently only have a President, but our first meeting is going to be focused on electing officers and planning our way forward into the next few years.

Current ideas for events and activities include using the University observatory to view the night sky as well as attending local talks on space technology and science.  New projects may be developed as members come up with ideas they wish to pursue.

Our goal for the chapter is to double membership this year and keep up a steady trend of growth and make UK SEDS an important organization in Lexington, helping to promote space education and involvement in science.

FIT SEDS Chapter Update 9/19/2011

September 19, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS FIT

For this quarter, FIT SEDS spend most of its time idle, given that most members were away for summer vacation. However, upon returning, we held our first meetings with our new officers and members. Various introductions were made, including a guest speech by our Dean of the College of Science, Hamid Rassoul. The theme that was stressed was action, with many new activities planned for the upcoming year.
So far FIT SEDS has had three general meetings this semester. By the second week of the school year we had a successful Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser, selling 25 dozen donuts and raising about $80 for our organization funds. In addition, a major initiative of ours this year is to raise awareness of the International space station locally. With a great deal of help from our advisor and shuttle astronaut Samuel T. Durrance, we are working to first gather information about the ISS, and later secure public displays and interactive ways to exhibit the information. Although this initiative is still in its beginning phase, the effort is already very organized and promises to bear results within the next quarter.

SEDS UCF Chapter Update 09/19/2011

September 19, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UCF

SEDS-UCF has been busy this semester so far, recruiting and participating in numerous projects.  We recently had our first meeting and found a heavy interest in attending the upcoming Spacevision from our newer members.  There is also a public symposium happening locally called the 100 Year Starship Symposium that some of our members are planning to attend.


We have numerous projects planned and in progress.  Right now, our older members are currently participating in the SEDS National High-Powered Rocketry Competition.  We are planning to perform the test launches and the competition launch for October.  We also have a Rockoon project in the planning stages.  We are planning to work with the local INCOSE chapter on a weather balloon and branch off from there.  Our newer members have started participating in FSGC/NEFAR Hybrid Rocket competition.  We also have plans for rocketry workshops for our freshmen members and an L1 Certification workshop.


10k team members working on carbon-fiber fins for the rocket

UNC SEDS Chapter Update 9/16/11

September 19, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UNC

Over the past few weeks the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill SEDS chapter has been busy at work recruiting new members, finding interested community partners and planning a semester’s worth of events.  We have been trying to build a network of support both on and off campus for our future ventures and events.  We have been in contact with the Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society to organize some viewing nights in the near future.  We have been in talks with the North Carolina Space Grant trying to secure funding for possible high altitude balloon launches and rocketry experiments.  Our representatives are speaking to local schools trying to organize a program where UNC SEDS comes once or twice a month to show kids the potential of science and the final frontier.  We also have been continuing a discussing with the Morehead Planetarium for a partnership between them and UNC SEDS to benefit both organizations.

The main push over the summer and the start of the fall semester have been to get UNC SEDS well recognized by the campus community and to find a group of parties that are interested in working together to help build the space advocacy community in central North Carolina.

More specifically right now we are organizing our trip to SpaceVision 2011, filling all of our executive board positions, recruiting for the general body, deciding on dues and attending to other administrative matters.

We see our involvement and participation in both local and national events events picking up sharply once we have settled down have a solid leadership structure this year.

ASGSB-SEDS Chapter Update 9-16-2011

September 16, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS ASGSB



New Members

David Peterside – University of Florida – Gainesville, Florida

Maggie Brown – Miami University – Oxford, Ohio

Accepted to Graduate School

Hans Waldenmaier has been accepted to a PhD program at the Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He will be working with Dr. Cassius Stevani to study bioluminescent mushrooms.  Here is a photo of Hans setting up his telescope to observe a shuttle launch.


Our student Christina Johnson’s work with the BRIC-16 project will be published in next month’s edition of Astrobiology:  An Endogenous Growth Pattern of Roots is Revealed in Seedlings Grown in Microgravity.  Here is a photo of Christina with her faculty mentor Dr. John Z. Kiss.

Upcoming Events

9/22/2011 – Our students Robert Ocampo, Maggie Brown, David Peterside, Chelsey Robinson, Johnny Wise and Christina Johnson will join AIAA at the Capitol for a panel entitled “Students Bringing Space Research Down to Earth,” 1-3pm Russell Senate Office Building room 253.

10/21/2011 – Dr. Heike Winter-Sederoff will visit Miami University, Ohio to present a seminar “Transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation of tropic responses in plants.”

11/2-6/2011 – Annual Meeting.  We are preparing for the 2011 American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology (ASGSB) & International Society for Gravitational Physiology (ISGP) joint meeting in San Jose, California .  This is when our student members get to meet in person to decide on the upcoming year’s events and vote in new officers.


Our student website:

ASGSB has a website:

We also have a Facebook page and a Facebook group.

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UB-SEDS Quarterly Chapter Update – 9/15/11

September 14, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UB

UB-SEDS has been concentrating largely on its large Rocketry and Nanosat project groups in this past quarter, although other groups have also been in action:

Rocketry is close do finished with the high-powered system, which will be launched during early October.  It will fly 10 pounds to 10,000 as part of the SEDS Rocketry Competition.  After that project has been completed, the Rocketry Project Group will transition to design and development for the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition, which will include a custom flight computer and hybrid propulsion.

Nanosat leadership attended Preliminary Design Review in Logan, UT, in mid-August, as well as part of the SmallSat Conference.  Comment review with the USAF is this morning!  The size of the team is up past 50 now, as well, just in time for Critical Design Phase!

The High-Altitude Balloon Group is building their payload, which should launch later this month.  The system will include a GPS Phone and HAM radio for tracking.  It will collect data on height, pressure, temperature, and other environmental conditions.  This project will continue if and when members propose supplementary experiments (which may be desirable for Nanosat testing).

The Educational Outreach Group is beginning biweekly volunteering at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

The Astronomy Group is looking forward to ordering new eyepieces and solar equipment this semester, and also will hopefully be observing the supernova in M101, pending good weather.  In addition, the group hopes to start on the plans for a large-scale, student-run observatory on campus, with corporate and charitable support.

Lastly, the party committee will soon begin planning for Yuri’s Night 2012, which should draw 100 or more people to a location in the city to celebrate the universe.

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Boston University SEDS – Chapter Update 4/30/11

April 30, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS BU

SEDS at Boston University has gotten off to a great start with our new executive board for 2011-2012!

The most significant recent event has been a joint project between BU SEDS and BU AIAA. We are currently developing a weather balloon satellite which will be launched hopefully sometime in May 2011 up to an altitude of 106,000 feet. It will carry sensors measuring altitude, humidity, temperature, acceleration, GPS location and other variables as well as a GoPro high-definition video camera. There will also be a special payload on board, (no wheel of cheese here.) BU SEDS and AIAA hope to further develop this project into a low-cost and reliable platform for high-altitude atmospheric research available to BU faculty and students. The project is primarily funded by BU Student Activities Office.

Our regular meetings have concluded for the semester to allow members to prepare for finals, but our new President, Kevin Zagorski BU ’12, and new Vice President, Emily Metivier BU ’13, are getting ready to go to ISDC in a few weeks. We hope to see some of you there!