ASGSB-SEDS Chapter Update 01/15/2012

January 15, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS ASGSB

This quarter we elected a new board, were joined by several new members, and had a great time getting to know one another in San Jose, CA.  Check out our ASGSB-SEDS-newsletter for all the details!

University of Michigan Chapter Update 10/26/2011

October 26, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS MTech

The University of Michigan SEDS Chapter Update: Q1 of the 2011-2012 Academic Year

  • New Academic Year Kicks Off!
    • Campus Wide Membership Drives
  • Mass Meetings
    • Had over 60 students attend, started off with brief presentation on explaining SEDS mission, why students need to get involved with the space industry early on.
  • Internship Panel
    • Former Interns spoke about their internship experiences at a variety of places (Universities, Orbital, NASA, etc.)
    • Freshman and Sophomores especially benefited from the Q&A session, learning about ways to shape their undergraduate careers in pursuit of successful internships within the industry.
  • Human Spaceflight with James P. Bagian
    • Former Astronaut and Medical Doctor Jim Bagian discussed the human factors and stories from the Challenger and Columbia mishaps to a crowd of over one-hundred people. The event brought together other space-related and biological student groups in order to listen about the risks and benefits involved with human beings going to space.

      Dr. Bagian Speaking about the Effects of Columbia and Challenger on Astronaut Safety

  • 100-Year Starship Symposium
    • Sent two members, gained contacts for possible future SEDS events.
  • SpaceWeek
    • Two model Sputnik’s were built and displayed prominently on Campus; the models became talking point’s for passing students and faculty members from all departments across the university.

      Small-Scale Sputnik: 1 of 2 around the Michigan Campus

    • SEDS sponsored Movie Night – Moon
    • Space Party – Threw an end-of-the-week Space Party to honor all of the past, present, and future endeavors into Space.
  • SpaceVision 2011
    • Sending 10 people! Can’t wait to see everyone there.
  • Future Events
    • Include speaking events and outreach events to be detailed later.

Illinois Space Society(UIUC SEDS) Chapter Update 10/21/11

October 21, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UIUC

Educational Outreach

ISS  Educational outreach has been continually planning and coordinating educational outreach events in the local community. The main focus of these programs is to encourage and inspire students by educating them on the value of space exploration, science and technology. We will hold our annual Illinois Space Day this spring. From rocketry to astronomy, Illinois Space Day will include student representation from various different student groups, all who have one thing in common – to introduce middle and high school students to space and further inspire the exploration of space. There will be plenty of different exhibits from many different student organizations and academic departments, as well as speakers from the aerospace industry. Also, we will be conducting workshops focusing on creating, building and launching model rockets and electronic robotic systems. ISS will once again bring a strong showing to University of Illinois’ Engineering Open House (EOH).  EOH is an annual event focused on giving thousands a glimpse into the work being done at the College of Engineering. Through this event, we hope to inspire future engineers over the course of two days. The EOH committee has many new and exciting projects this year, including a scale, moving, floating model of the solar system to both amaze viewers and help them understand the scale involved in space travel. The committee is also creating a satellite attitude control demonstrator, which will consist of a satellite mounted in a gimbal with controllable “thrusters” that release pressurized air. Also, an orbital simulator will demonstrate the warping of space-time by mass using simple concepts, and a dewar of liquid nitrogen will allow kids to enjoy frozen marshmallows while they learn about the issues associated with using cryogenic fuels. Our Educational Outreach group is working enthusiastically on a number of projects this year. These include a three-day rocketry workshop at Holy Cross Elementary, a science day demonstration at Mahomet-Seymour schools, and expanding with more space-related demonstrations with local schools and university groups.


Technical Projects

One of the fastest growing programs of ISS, Technical Projects provide hands-on experience to University students to design, build, and fly complex and exciting engineering projects. This year, ISS Tech has acquired over 150 interested members, and will participate in several competitions and projects over the course of the school year. Projects include the construction of three high-powered rockets, scientific payloads, a deploy-able UAV payload, high altitude balloons, junkyard rockets, and two microgravity experiments. Furthermore, all ISS Technical projects serve as inspiring educational outreach tools. The projects will go on display both at Illinois Space Day as well as Engineering Open House. In this setting, young students will get the chance to see the incredible projects available to them at the University level.

Iowa State Chapter Update 10/19/2011

October 19, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS Iowa State

Events ISSS is Doing:
  • Joining with multiple groups on campus (the honors program, the physics club, and others) to provide a tour of the night sky to the general Iowa State Student to generate interest in astronomy and our club
  • Outreach events that focus on teaching basic space/astronomy/rocketry related topics to Science Bound High School Students and more simplified topics to grade school through middle school students in the local area
  • The Iowa State Space Society will hold a rocket competition in the spring and will hold workshops and provide some materials and all tools necessary to build B-D motor rockets. All students will be welcome to participate and the workshops will allow experienced engineering/rocket tycoon students to lend a hand and share their knowledge with new-to-rocketry students.
  • A professor at our University (Dr. Curt Struck) has been invited to give a mass lecture to all engineering/science clubs (organized by ISSS) about his recently published book about Colliding Galaxies.
  • Iowa State Space Society members will partner with Tau Beta Pi engineering Honor Society to host a roller coaster and catapult competition for Engineering bound High School Students.
  • We will be attending SpaceVision.
  • We will be attending a high powered rocketry launch in Papillion, Nebraska so members are able to attain their high powered rocketry certification
  • Our USLI Team has been accepted to compete in the national competition.
  • We have just fromed a team to compete in the high powered rocketry competition for the Wisconsin National Space Grant.

Carnegie Mellon SEDS Chapter Update 10/12/11

October 12, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS CMU

SEDS at Carnegie Mellon (SEDS-CMU) began in the end of last semester. Starting this academic year as an official organization, we created goals for our new organization. First, we started with recruitment at the activities fair, as well as the technical departments. We, then, created a Microgravity team, near-space balloon project team, and an outreach group. Each set of members have weekly meetings in order to complete their projects. We hope to gather more interest in SEDS to have more projects and initiatives throughout the year.
So far we have had two General Body meetings. We hope to bring people together more often to discuss current events in the space industry.
Furthermore, SEDS-CMU is actively raising funds to send 4-8 members to SpaceVision. As a new organization we hope to take advantage of everything the national conference holds.

Harvard SEDS – Chapter Update 10/01/2011

October 3, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS Harvard

Harvard SEDS has had a great start to the semester. We recruited students at the activity fair at the beginning of the semester and got over 50 students to sign up! We are also continuing our rocketry project and four new students are building rockets to achieve their Level 1 certifications. We started our space table and meet for dinner once a week to discuss current events in the space industry.

Caltech SEDS Chapter Update 9/29/2011

September 29, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS Caltech

In the previous quarter, Caltech SEDS has been fairly quiet as we have only just started the new school year this past week. We have begun recruiting for club members with the club fair this week and will soon be meeting to figure out and divide up projects for the school year.

As for activity over the summer, Caltech recently hosted the Keck Institute for Space Studies’ Space Challenge where we had several members compete and win first place as a team by designing and planning a deep space mission to a near-Earth asteroid and back, returning with a sample of rock or ice.

Our goals for this year include increasing membership, awareness, and activity while starting new projects to allow members (new and old) to pursue their ideas related to space.

Montana State SEDS Quarterly Update

September 28, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS Montana

Here at Montana State SEDS we were inactive over the summer break but excited about the new semester.
We have been actively trying to recruit new, enthusiastic members for Montana State SEDS as of recently. In the last month we have represented our chapter at two recruiting fairs on campus and acquired a promising number of e-mail addresses. We have also had a couple executive board meetings to discuss some important issues in our club. We have put a lot of work into our budget and are preparing to submit proposals for some funding from both our student governments here at Montana State University as well as our College of Engineering. Along with these proposals we are looking to private organizations for additional funds. Our budget is one of our major priorities because we plan to have some rocket building workshops and also attend SpaceVision during this semester.

We are continuing with our biweekly speaker series for Montana State SEDS, and having our first such speaker tonight. We are really excited about the people who
take time out of their day to come talk to us about their experience in the space industry. We’re actively working to spread our enthusiasm for these meetings to other students on our campus.

Lastly, because we are a very new chapter at a university that isn’t very active in aerospace studies we are considering a joint club with a new chapter of the AIAA
(American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics). We spoke with one of the persons interested in creating this new chapter and we’ve decided that a joint club can really improve the member base and funding for both clubs assuming this chapter of AIAA is approved. It is appealing to merge these two groups because many of the students involved share very similar interests and it is always fun to meet more people. We are looking forward to what this semester has to bring and everyone is excited to meet more national SEDS members at SpaceVision later this year.

Texas A&M SEDS Chapter Update 9/26/2011

September 26, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS TAMU


Over the summer, our chapter found out that we won first place in the Space Technology competition, run by NASA Langley. We designed a heads-up display to go into an EVA suit, and we modified the cameras on the suit to provide spectral information.

Our chapter is doing a lot of exciting things this year! We’re starting a scifi book reading, starting to get a team together to hopefully go to MDRS next year, and many more activities!

Also, our membership has more than doubled this year. Whoop!

Purdue SEDS Chapter Update 9/25/2011

September 25, 2011 in Chapter Updates by SEDS Purdue

Purdue SEDS currently has three major technical projects. The hybrid rocket is being completed and should launch within the next year. The USLI team is submitting their proposal to NASA today. The SEDS rocket is underconstruction and will be flown before SpaceVision 2011. Our current plans for outreach include plans on attending CSI at the Indiana State Fair, as well as attending Horbert High School in northern Indiana to get the high school kids there interested not only in engineering related fields, but more specifically engineering related fields at Purdue. Our Outreach lead is planning some activities for elementary school kids to get them excited about space at an early age. Also, working with USLI and we are planning an outreach event together, and all the details are still pending. Social events currently in the works are getting a cosmic bowling scheduled really soon, otherwise we have a rocket bbq picnic coming up.

Purdue SEDS has formed a committee which is preparing a proposal to host SpaceVision 2012 at Purdue University and in the mean time we are fund raising to cover costs to support this years trip to SV2011 in Boulder Colorado. We have ~20 interested members in attending but are not entirely sure we will be able to raise enough fund to get all of them there/help with hotel costs.