UAS UCLA Fall Quarter 2012 Meetings/Activities

December 17, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UCLA

Club meetings are held Wednesday nights in Knudsen at 7:30 followed by running the telescopes on the top of Math and Sciences Building at 8:30.

Wednesday October 3: First meeting, general announcements, ice cream and icebreakers

Wednesday October 10: Review a case study analyzing different components of astronomy.  Discuss trop to the Griffith Observatory on October 27.  Ice blocking at 10pm

Wednesday October 17: Watch an episode of Cosmos that covers current astronomical events.  A talk by a grad student from Astronomy Live! and announcement of volunteering opportunity, Exploring Your Universe, November 10. October 21 held the Observing the Moon Night event at the planetarium.

Wednesday October 24: vote on the quarterly camping trip, discussion of current events, discussing the trip to the Griffith Observatory on the 27.  UAS Halloween Party October 26.

Wednesday October 31: Halloween trivia.

Wednesday November 7: Presentation by Vice President of UAS about JPL skycrane technology and future space expeditions.

Wednesday Noveber 14: Hosts for a Astronomy Grad Student Panel

Wednesday November 21: No meeting. Thanksgiving break.

Wednesday November 28: Egg drop contest.  November 30 to December 2 Quarterly Camping trip to Pyramid Lake.

Wednesday December 5: final meeting. quarterly BBQ

SEDS-UCLA Chapter Update 15-10-2012

October 15, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UCLA


Here is the list of activities performed last year. Each “week” begins the following Wednesday from the first date posted each quarter.


Fall 2011

Week                  Activity

1 – Introduction         [28-9-2012 Wednesday]

2 – Building Competition (Space Stations)

3 – Planetarium Show (UCLA)

4 – Undergraduate Research Presentations

5 – Astrology Discussion

6 – Space Hotels Discussion

7 – Hovercrafts

8 – A Concise History of Optics and Telescopes – Dave Milewski

9 – (no meeting due to Thanksgiving holiday)

10 – UAS End of Quarter BBQ  (UCLA Sunset Recreation Facility)


Other activities that took place on other dates in the quarter included a visit to Griffith Park Observatory, a star party at Mt. Pinos, and a Quarter Camping Trip to Joshua Tree National Park.



Winter 2012

Week                  Activity

1 – Robotic Landing Technology and Autonomous Rovers – Dave Milewski, Egg Drop Competition Announcement [11-1-2012 Wednesday]

2 – Building Competition with common household materials to simulate spacecraft, egg drop (to simulate human crew in robotic landers) from roof of UCLA’s Mathematical Sciences Building

3 – Adventure Game – Matthew Chu

4 – Game Night

5 – General meeting, however nothing was scheduled formally

6 – Infrared Laboratory Tour (UCLA)

7 – Current events in astronomy, UAS T-Shirt design, Presentation – Jacob Adler

8 – Astrophotography and Research Presentation – Francis Longstaff (UCLA Professor of Finance)

9 – Graduate Student Panel Question and Answer Session

10 – Graduate Student Research Talk – Kristen Kulas


Quarterly field trip was not scheduled and did not happen.



Spring 2012

Week                  Activity

1 – Discussion of Future Meetings, Ice Cream Social. [1-4-2012 Wednesday]

2 – Astronomy Pictionary and Ice Blocking

3 – Movie Night – Moon (Duncan Jones)

4 – How to Buy Your First Telescope and Beginner Astrophotography – Jacob Adler

5 – General meeting, however nothing was scheduled formally

6 – Planetarium Show (UCLA)

7 – Human Colonisation of Space Discussion

8 – Officer Elections

9 – Board Games

10 – UAS End of Quarter BBQ  (UCLA Sunset Recreation Facility)


Quarterly field trip was not scheduled and did not happen. Also, on 19 May 2012, some members of the UAS (UCLA Chapter) volunteered to help run various solar telescopes to view the partial solar eclipse. On 5 June 2012, I, Dave Milewski volunteered to help the UCLA Astronomy Graduate Students to run telescopes for the 2012 Transit of Venus Event.



(This covers all of the events performed during the previous academic year by the UCLA Chapter of the Undergraduate Astronomical Society.)

-Dave Milewski (UCLA SEDS Ambassador)

SEDS-UCF Chapter Update 9/2/2012

September 2, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UCF

Currently, our chapter is awaiting room assignment so we can resume a normal meeting schedule. We are doing everything we can to make the process move as quickly as possible. We hope to have our first meeting of the Fall 2012 semester this Friday, September 7, or next Friday, September 14. Our summer recruiting process was successful with 85 students signing up for our chapter’s email list. Hopefully, the turn out at our first meeting will reflect the numbers from recruitment.

SEDS-UCF Chapter Update 7/28/2012

September 2, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UCF

SEDS-UCF is continuing the process of recruitment. Our chapter hopes to begin meetings for the Fall 2012 semester sometime in early September depending on room assignment.

SEDS-UCF Chapter Update 6/3/2012

June 30, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UCF

Being that it’s summer SEDS-UCF has been significantly less active than the rest of the year. However, we are still in the process of planning projects for the upcoming fall and spring semesters, and we are attending various UCF club fairs to recruit new members.

SEDS-UCF Chapter Update 5/13/2012

June 30, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UCF

For the past month SEDS-UCF has been fairly quiet. We finished our hybrid rockets this year, but were unable to launch due to problems with ground support equipment. We also held a successful Yuri’s night complete with a screening of Apollo 13. Four of our members were able to attend a private tour of the Kennedy Space Center and were lucky enough to visit the VAB, Launch Pad B, and Orbiter Processing Facilities building 1. We have two goals for the summer: project planning (mainly hybrid rockets and ground support equipment) and recruitment.

GWSS SEDS Chapter Update 5-13-2012

May 13, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS GWU

This semester the George Washington Space Society (GWSS SEDS) hosted Lynn Cline, NASA Deputy Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations.  Ms. Cline shared stories from her time as NASA’s lead negotiator for the ISS collaboration and discussed current issues facing NASA.  GWSS also hosted a movie and pizza night.  GWSS members attended the International Space University Symposium in Strasbourg, France February 21-23, participated in the Space Exploration Alliance Legislative Blitz February 27-28, attended the Space Generation Fusion Forum in Colorado Springs April 15-16, and volunteered for the Space Foundation at the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs April 16-19.

SEDS-UCF Chapter Update 4/10/2012

April 10, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS UCF

Since our last update, UCF-SEDS has been busy. We recently held elections and our proud to have our new president, Corey Marks, and vice president, Anderson Duran taking us to new heights. We are currently working on the Mini Hybrid Competitions (both closest to 2000ft and max altitude), Experimental Standing Rocket Competition, and will finish the L-1 Certification Program with launch day on April 14th. We are also looking for project leads for the Zero-G Experimental Payload Project, the USLI Rocket Team, and SEDS-National 10k Rocket Competition. We recently hosted a carbon fiber workshop on Saturday, March 24th and will be hosting a LabVIEW Workshop in the near future. Our last meeting of the semester will be on April 13th. Later that day we will also have a few members participating in Relay for Life. Our previous external affairs officer Gillian Smith is also currently trying to assemble a SEDS Recruitment Team. Our main goals for the upcoming semester are to recruit new members and continue to provide exciting projects for SEDS enthusiasts.

Carnegie Mellon SEDS Chapter Update 2/4/12

February 4, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS CMU

SEDS at Carnegie Mellon (SEDS-CMU) is celebrating the successful end to its first year. The chapter has doubled in membership since our founding by attending two CMU activities fairs. The executive board attended the nation conference, and took a wealth of information back to the chapter. This coming semester, our hard work will be paying off. SEDS-CMU will participate in multiple outreach programs in local Pittsburgh schools and has received a research grant from Carnegie Mellon to build a testbed for a Lunar excavator robot. Additionally, we have a completed high-altitude balloon and are waiting for a sunny launch day. Every other week, the club meets to talk about student internship opportunities in the industry and space-related current events. SEDS-CMU looks forward to continuing research, projects, STEM outreach, and generating enthusiasm for all things space this semester!

UASEDS Chapter Update 01/29/2012

January 29, 2012 in Chapter Updates by SEDS Arizona

Since the last update, UASEDS participated in several different events and activities. In October, about 14 students from UASEDS attended SpaceVision 2011 in Boulder, CO. We all enjoyed the conference and are looking forward to next year in Buffalo, NY. Our Arizona Space Grant ASCEND! team launched a balloon payload in November and are currently working on a new design for this next semester.

More recently, we have been working on a few improvements to our 18″ Dobsonian telescope. Once complete, several more members will be trained in using the telescope for outreach events. Our annual spring break trip is also in the planning stages. We expect to visit several different space sites throughout California. We have also been working on recruiting new members by attended club fairs when possible.