Deadline for Nominations: October 10th, 2014

You can make nominations for the awards listed below by completing the official nomination form below.  Self-nominations are also accepted. The awards will be presented at the SpaceVision conference banquet.


Todd B. Hawley Award for Student Leadership

This award honors the late SEDS Co-Founder, Mr. Todd B. Hawley, who  outstanding contributions to SEDS this year. This person made the most significantly impacted the organization as a whole and demonstrated excellent leadership ability, dedication, hard work, and persistence.

Past Winners:

    • 2013: Michael Zwach
    • 2012: Dan Pastuf
    • 2011: Matt Cannella
    • 2010: Rick Hanton
    • 2009: Darrell Cain
    • 2008: Michael Green
    • 2007: Ben Corbin

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Darrell Cain Award for Excellence
 This award honors the late SEDS Board Member Darrell Cain, who was able to impact many through his efforts and inspire others to pursue the cause of space exploration.  This individual has embodied the spirit of SEDS, through their individual efforts striving to inspire students across the country.  Their impact has not been limited to the scope of their work with the organization but instead reached far beyond.

Past Winners:

    • 2013: Dan Pastuf
    • 2012: Rick Hanton

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Bob Richards Scholarship Award for “Peace through Space”
 This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated passion for using space for peaceful benefits to humanity.

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SEDS Chapter of the Year
This award honors the chapter was the highest achieving chapter and was most effective at displaying vision of SEDS at every opportunity. This chapter worked on a variety of projects and made a great effort to interact with other members nationally. This chapter should serve as a model for other chapters.

Past Winners:

    • 2013: Arizona State University
    • 2012:  Purdue University
    • 2011:  University of Michigan
    • 2010: University at Buffalo
    • 2009: University of Colorado-Boulder
    • 2008: University of Central Florida
    • 2007: University of Central Florida
    • 2006:
    • 2005:

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SEDS Best New Chapter

This award honors a chapter which has been founded within the last two years which has set the standard for a new chapter.  This chapter has undergone tremendous growth and has gained recognition for their efforts.  Their projects are innovative and involving, and are inspiration for both new chapters and older chapters.

Past Winners:

    • 2013: University of California, San Diego
    • 2012:  University of North Carolina
    • 2011:  Arizona State University
    • 2010: University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • 2009: University at Buffalo
    • 2008: University at Buffalo

SEDS Technical Project of the Year

This award honors the best overall student technical project of the year students have performed.  This winner of this award demonstrates strong accomplishment in the projects field.  This project overall follows, encourages, and enhances the mission statement of SEDS while building technical skills critical for students participating on the project.  This project serves in some form or the other as what projects should strive to attain.

Past Winners:

    • 2013: 3D Printed Rocket Engine (University of California, San Diego)
    • 2012:  UB-Rocketry (University of Buffalo)
    • 2011:  Microgravity Program (University of Arizona)*
    • 2010: Not Awarded (Outreach)*
    • 2009: Not Awarded (Outreach)*
    • 2008: Project Daedalus (University of Central Florida)
    • 2007: Zero G flight (UW-SEDS)

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SEDS Satellite Project of the Year

This award honors the best project that has been performed throughout the year which benefits the satellite industry, educates members about the functionality and operation of satellites, or serves as the best model of a satellite program.  This award, made in conjunction with the Society of Space Professionals International (SSPI) serves as a demonstration of the projects still in accomplishing its mission, and sets an example of what amazing things in the satellite field students can accomplish.

This award is made in conjunction with the  Society of Satellite Professionals International

Past Winners:

    • 2013:   GLADOS (University at Buffalo)
    • 2012:   BUSat (Boxton)(Boston University)

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SEDS Outreach Project of the Year

This award honors a project which promotes student effort at educating the public about the importance of space.  This project has been innovative or effective at promoting space exploration and development.  The project should serve as a model for chapters to base their outreach efforts on.

Past Winners:

    • 2013: Carolina Space Symposium (University of North Carolina)
    • 2012:  Purdue Space Day (Purdue University)
    • 2011:  Microgravity Program (University of Arizona)*
    • 2010: We Want Our Future (University of Colorado-Boulder)
    • 2009: Inspiration from Exploration (University at Buffalo)
    • 2008: Not Awarded (Technical)*
    • 2007:

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ISU/AAS Major Diversity Award

This statistical award is given to the Chapter most effective at bringing in more members who are not associated with the traditional aerospace fields.  Their membership in and of itself promotes to the public, and their efforts at reaching others should be promoted to all chapters.

This award is made in conjunction with the International Space University and the American Astronomical Society

Past Winners:

  • 2013: Dakota Space Society
  • 2012: University of North Carolina
  • 2011: Arizona State University
  • 2010: University of Arizona

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ISU/WIA Gender Diversity AwardThis statistical award is given to the Chapter most effective at maintaining a diverse gender.  As one of the larger challenges to the Aerospace Industry, this chapter sets an example of getting a representative involvement in space advocacy, and is effective at bringing in a gender diverse group of students.This award is made in conjunction with the International Space University and the Women in AerospacePast Winners:

  • 2013: University of California, Los Angeles
  • 2012: Dakota Space Society
  • 2011: Boston University
  • 2010: Olin College

*For 2008-2011, a single project of the year award was given.  Projects have been split into the area where they apply to.
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Other Past Awards:

Executive Board Member of the Year

  • 2007:
  • 2006:
  • 2005:

Local Executive Board Member of the Year

  • 2007: Brad Cheetham (University at Buffalo)

Alumni of the Year

  • 2007:
  • 2006:
  • 2005:

Member of the Year

  • 2007:

High School Member of the Year

  • 2007:

Student Visionary of the Year Award

  • 2007:

Space Journalist / Artist of the Year Award