SEDS Mission Statement:

SEDS is an independent, student-based organization which promotes the exploration and development of space. SEDS pursues this mission by educating people about the benefits of space, by supporting a network of interested students, by providing an opportunity for members to develop their leadership skills, and inspiring people through our involvement in space-related projects. SEDS believes in a space-faring civilization and that focusing the enthusiasm of young people is the key to our future in space.
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History of SEDS:

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space was founded in 1980 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and George Washington University and consists of an international group of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students from a diverse range of educational backgrounds who are working to promote space as a whole. SEDS is a chapter based organization with chapters throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.  Each chapter is fairly independent and coordinates activities and projects in its own area.  For more historical information, see the history section of the SEDS Wiki.
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What do SEDS members do?

SEDS members are people interested in doing as much as they can to promote space exploration and development. The first step in this continual process is learning. SEDS provides an excellent environment in which to obtain access to many sources of information including speakers, tours, films, discussion groups & daily NASA updates. Astronomical observing trips and tours of local space facilities also play a significant role in the life of many SEDS members. For a sample of some exciting SEDS activities, see the Projects page.

SEDS members often take the knowledge they have gained and use it to influence the future of the space program. Students at several chapters have played major roles in organizing large conferences and have established important contacts with members of the space community. Others have helped increase public awareness of the benefits of space exploration by offering presentations to local primary and secondary schools as well as universities. All chapters keep in contact with each other through on-line computer networks.

Finally, SEDS provides an environment in which people of common interests can relax and freely discuss issues important to them.

What can SEDS do for you?

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SEDS can provide an organized pathway for you to begin space related projects and give you a chance to break away from the usual classwork. You can also use SEDS as a stepping stone to a space-related career. Being actively involved in SEDS can put you in touch with many members of the space, technology, and education community and will allow you to develop the experience necessary to take leadership roles in your future career, whatever that may be.
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How to Join?

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SEDS is principally a chapter focused organization, but there are many ways you can get involved!  Contact SEDS-USA to help with a project, start a chapter, join the National Staff, or get elected to the Board of Directors.  All are great ways to get involved in our quest for Space!
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