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Registration is Open for SpaceVision 2015!

spacevision_annafisher-02Everyone get excited, because registration has now officially opened for SpaceVision 2015! This year’s conference will be hosted by BU SEDS in Boston, MA November 12-15. Visit our website for updates on the latest speaker confirmations and activities planned for the conference, as well as to book a spot in our discounted room block at the beautiful Hilton Boston Back Bay hotel. While you wait impatiently for November, take some time to check out all the fun things there are to do in Boston!

Prices increase on October 12th, so register now (and invite the rest of your space family) for what promises to be the most fun, educational, and innovative event you attend this year!


I Was Supposed to Pursue an Aerospace Engineering Degree… Woops

I was supposed to pursue an aerospace engineering degree. Woops.

I was supposed to get Helio Space off the ground this summer. Woops.

Major Changes

I changed my major to computer science. I’m rather surprised myself by this decision, but looking back, it’s actually been months in the making. Last semester I was constantly lamenting the lack of space-oriented classes in the aerospace space track curriculum (there are three I would take, consisting of ~6% of all my classes). I spoke with a friend and mentor about pursuing computer science, and he encouraged me to do it. So I added it as a second major.

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The B-Word

Beware of the B-word—are you as busy as you think you are?

Original post: https://www.planet.com/pulse/the-b-word/

Having been the Chair of SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space)—a national nonprofit providing leadership and technical experience for young people passionate about space—for two years, I have met hundreds of very smart young people overflowing with potential. Yet I have been frustrated by almost as many of them for not utilizing that potential—not seizing opportunities sitting right in front of them. Time and time again I see students pass up opportunities, or not even recognize the opportunities they have, because they are “too busy.” They’re too busy with homework. They’re too busy studying for a test on Thursday. They’re too busy to do anything on top of work and school. They just don’t have time on top of it all.

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New Partnership Between SEDS-USA and Space Generation Advisory Council

SGAC Fusion Forum Group PhotoI am ecstatic to announce that SEDS-USA and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) have agreed to support each other’s efforts officially through a Memorandum of Understanding signed this Summer. The Space Generation Advisory Council is a perfect “next step” for SEDS members looking to expand and continue their space network. SGAC is for young professionals from 18-35 involved in the space industry. Through their phenomenal networking and professional development events, such as Fusion Forum and the Space Generation Congress, the SGAC is a place for SEDS members to get involved with space policy and other self-starters in the industry.

We’re happy to see where this partnership takes us and look forward to seeing the change we can make together!

Posted by:
John Conafay
SEDS-USA Executive Director
Arizona State University


SEN and SEDS Partner on Next Space Generation Column

I am pleased to announce a new partnership between SEDS and space news website Sen today with the launch of a column written exclusively by SEDS members. This blog will be the voice of the next space generation represented by our student members, with monthly blog posts written not just by members of SEDS-USA but by members of all our affiliate organizations including UKSEDS and SEDS Canada. Read More


Purdue SEDS Will Host SpaceVision 2016

We are thrilled to announce that SpaceVision 2016 will be hosted in conjunction with Purdue University SEDS in Indiana!


Purdue University has a rich history and continued involvement in the aerospace industry. Their 23 astronaut alumni gave Purdue the nickname “Cradle of Astronauts“, including both the first man and last man to set foot on the surface of the Moon. For this reason, the theme of SpaceVision 2016 will be “Next Steps”, through which they will explore the future of human and robotic space exploration, discussing why we explore, where we will go, and the technologies and people that will bring us there. Purdue’s renowned faculty, alumni, corporate partners, and state-of-the-art laboratories provide ample support for this theme and make them an ideal host for SpaceVision 2016. Read More



Many of you remember the High Altitude Balloon (HAB) Challenge, a national competition hosted by SEDS in 2014. The competition was quite a success—twelve SEDS-USA chapters competed and five finalists were chosen. These five finalists conducted high altitude balloon experiments measuring a range of technical and environmental factors. The winners of the 2014 High Altitude Balloon Competition and their experiments are: Read More