SEDS Council of Chapters Meeting

Date: 22 February 2015, 6:00pm MST


Charles Cain

Miekkal Clarkson

Chris Nie

Dean De Carli

Colorado School of Mines


North Carolina State University

San Jose State University

Santa Clara University

Texas A&M University

University of Arizona

University of California, San Diego

University of Central Florida

University of Colorado at Boulder

University of Illinois

University of Maine

University of Michigan

University of Missouri, Columbia

University of Portland

University of Utah

Virginia Tech




  1. Intro
  2. National Updates
  3. General Updates/Questions
  4. Chapter Updates

Items Discussed


  • New Members
    • Jaimiey Sears, representing University of Portland
    • Jonathan Jennings, representing University of Missouri
    • Kelly Hall, representing Virginia Tech

National Updates

  • Newspace 2015
    • New date: July 16th-18th
    • Discount for SEDS members, contact Chris Nie or Charles Cain for info.
  • Business Plan Competition
    • There is a competition at SpaceVision, where students can make a pitch and receive feedback from the judges.
    • If you have questions, contact Chris Nie at
  • SpaceVision 2015
    • Held in Boston this year, and the location is going to be on campus at Boston University.
  • March Storm
    • Coming up soon, March 15th-19th, most important dates 15th-16th
    • Part of the Alliance for Space development: multiple space organizations putting together a policy event this March called “March Storm” to approach Congress in DC about current space policies.
    • Will have to be self-funded, but there is effort to organize students in groups to reduce hotel costs.
      • No registration costs, but have to provide own transportation and hotel.
    • Have not received email updates:
      • SEDS Mizzou
      • Michigan
      • UCSD
      • University of Maine
      • Colorado School of Mines
      • University of Illinois
      • UCF
      • SJSU
      • University of Arizona
    • If you have questions, email Andrew Newman at
  • SEDS Canada
    • They have remade contact, reestablishing connections with them currently.
  • Space Pioneering Summit
    • Held in DC, with SEDS participation alongside most aerospace and tech companies involved in the space industry.
    • Most in agreement that the end goal of the space industry is settlement, not just milestones.
  • Sounding Rocket Competition
    • Looking for someone to understudy the Staff member currently in preparation for him leaving his position next year.
    • If interested, contact John Conafay at

General Updates/Questions

  • SEDS UCF: Motion to make Houston SEDS a full chapter, and move them from temporary status.
    • SEDS Mizzou: seconded
    • Vote: Unanimous in favor
      • University of Houston is a full chapter of SEDS.
    • SCU: Motion to make University of Portland a full chapter and move them from temporary status.
      • Colorado School of Mines: Seconded
      • Vote: Unanimous in favor.
        • University of Portland is a full chapter of SEDS.
      • Are chapters ready to start approaching companies for sponsorship?
        • If you have questions, contact Darren Charrier at
      • If you participate in the Satellite Conference, can you also participate in the March Storm?
        • As both are in Washington DC, in the same weekend, if you can arrange your own transportation and funding, you are perfectly able to participate in both.

Chapter Updates:

    • Started semester with attending Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s talk in Boston
    • Had an outreach event, members walked around in spacesuits carrying SEDS banner.
    • Had kickoff event this past week.
    • Held a lecture with a local professor about blackholes.
    • Working on attending the Satellite conference.
    • Hoping to screen a movie in the planetarium coupled with a talk from professors.
    • Preparing for Yuri’s Night.
    • Going to the Lockheed Martin tour of the facility.
    • Had a meeting with other local Colorado schools to plan joint events.
  • UCSD
    • Meeting with a few sponsors later this week
    • Building a satellite to put in orbit around the moon for communication with future projects.
    • Held a recruitment campaign to bring in more electronics and computer focused members.
    • Wanting to open the large-scale project to other universities for participation and distributing the high costs.
    • Tested our 3D printed rocket engine this past weekend.
  • SCU
    • Having a space-station flyover tonight, having an event on campus.
    • Developing promotional materials (re: stickers) to hand out and generate interest among the campus.
    • Setting up a tour to a  local observatory
    • Setting a projector up on campus next week to screen Space Odyssey.
    • Wanting to go see a launch at Vandenburg later in the semester.
    • Having a NASA planetary scientist coming in to talk, hoping to record for everyone.
    • General stargazing hiking trips planned for the future.
  • TAMU
    • Looking for new officers for the upcoming year.
    • Working with students to partner with the Made In Space collaboration that TAMU currently has.
    • Planning a camping trip for Yuri’s Night
    • 75th anniversary of Aerospace Engineering here at TAMU.
    • Planning a club ice skating trip as club social.
    • Held an open discussion about cosmology instead of a guest lecturer.
  • UMaine
    • Working on the Student Rocket Challenge.
      • Need help with acquiring high-powered rocket motors.
  • Yale
    • Working on engineering projects: radio telescope dish, epoxy and cutting and general building things
    • Working on funding for these projects and the travel to the competitions.
    • Did a tour of a local company called Command Aerospace
    • PR team gearing up for Aeronautica, local large aerospace event.
    • Announced co-presidents for next year, and added new higher-level position amongst the officer-tier of the chapter.
  • University of Illinois
    • Working on the NASA SLP competition
    • Also finalizing paperwork for the NASA RASCAL competition
    • Engineering Outreach event recently, participated with demos.
      • Built an orbital simulator, kids throw marbles to observe them orbit the center on this table.
    • Had a guest lecturer from Purdue who worked on the Space Shuttle with NASA.
  • Boston University
    • Managed in a few meetings despite the blizzards
    • Budgeting for our Dobsonian telescope project
    • Rocketry team preparing to cold test the rocket design
    • Trying to get details worked out for SpaceVision 2015
  • SJSU
    • Gained a lot of new members
    • Making progress with the 3D printed rocket engine project
    • Rocketry project saw a lot of interest generated amongst the new members
    • Got new polos, look like an official group on campus.
  • University of Michigan
    • Kickoff for SpaceWeek at Michigan
    • Planning for Yuri’s Night, and inviting the campus to attend.
    • Inviting Andy Weir, author of The Martian, to talk.
    • Continued our Space Luncheons with university professors involved with space research.
    • Kicked of the Mars Competition.
    • Trying to partner with the local University of Michigan paper to publish space-industry focused articles regularly.
  • NCSU
    • Working on our GSBC project.
    • Planning for the upcoming K-6 outreach event called “Launchpad Laboratory”.
      • Involves getting kids into astronomy education and excited about space.
  • University of Arizona
    • Gearing up for Spring Break trip to visit McDonald Observatory, NASA Johnson Space Center, Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, and White Sands Test Facility.
    • Visiting Pima Air and Space Museum this weekend.
    • Participated in outreach event with the OSIRIS-Rex Return Mission.
  • University of Portland
    • Held our first recruitment campaign amongst the campus, being a newly appointed chapter.
    • Looking to get involved with the rocketry and HAB competitions next semester granted we gain enough members.
  • University of Missouri
    • Gained funding from the school
    • Reserved meeting space for regular meetings, and designated a time for regular meetings
    • Joined the Satellites Around Mars competition.
    • Participated in a variety of outreach activities.
    • Looking into participating in a rocket camp over the upcoming summer.
  • UCF
    • Increased in membership, up to 70 members total.
    • Preparing for various outreach activities during the local E-Week
    • Participating in a number of competitions, including NASA SLP and Satellites Around Mars.
    • Also holding a number of socials for the members
  • University of Utah
    • Talking with the local ATK factory for a tour.
    • Trying to find funding for the KerbalEdu Outreach project.
    • Low on members, looking to do more recruitment in the semester.
  • Colorado School of Mines
    • Waiting to hear back from United Launch Alliance to see if some members can sit in the launch room at Centennial on March 12th.
    • Currently designing a high altitude balloon for the GSBC.
    • Also working with a local middle school in mentoring the students on their project they are sending to the ISS.
  • MSU Denver
    • Working on increasing membership, including lower-classmen as most officers are upperclassmen and close to graduating.
    • Working on getting members certified for High powered rocket launches
      • Competing in SEDS HPR Competition.
    • Working on Lockheed Martin tour with CUBoulder and School of Mines.
  • Virgina Tech
    • Did a launch viewing of the SpaceX test
    • Recruited new lower-classmen to help with the NASA RASCAL competition.
    • Keep pushing the March Storm event coming up.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:34PM MST

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