SEDS Council of Chapters Meeting

Date: 25 January 2015, 7:00pm MST



Charles Cain

Zach Pace

Miekkal Clarkson

John Conafay

Chris Nie

Arizona State University

North Carolina State University

Old Dominion University

San Jose State University

Santa Clara University

Texas A&M University

University of Alabama

University of Arizona

University of Buffalo

University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, San Diego

University of Colorado at Boulder

University of Illinois

University of Maine

University of Michigan

University of North Carolina




  1. Introduction, Welcome and New Year
  2. National Updates
  3. General Updates
  4. Open Session
  5. SpaceVision in Spring
  6. Chapter Updates


Items Discussed


  • New Members
    • University of Alabama, Dylan Stapp representing
    • UCSD, Darren Charrier representing
    • CU-SEDS, Pol Siera representing 

National Updates

  • Satellites Around Mars
    • SEDS-USA is partnering with a group to have teams of students propose a plan for a system of communications satellites around Mars in the next 20 years to further Mars exploration.
    • Information has been posted to
    • Not limited to one team per chapter, but try to group in members of 3-7 to fit the limit of mentors available from SSPI.
    • Submissions will be judged in the Fall, for deserving teams travel grants may be awarded, and the team winner will be announced in Boston.
  • Technology Requests
    • Looking for companies or schools who are looking to dispose of or donate old technology to SEDS-USA for use at SpaceVision.
      • Examples include projectors, HDMI cables, screens, etc.
    • Graphic Designer
      • Experience with Final Cut and other Design programs.
      • Looking for someone to work with the Creative Manager to help develop promotional material and project videos for Chapter use.
      • Deadline is coming up very soon.
      • If interested, email
    • SpaceGrant Interaction.
      • On a scale of 0-3, how involved with SpaceGrant Consortia is your chapter?
        • TAMU: 1
        • SJSU: 0
        • Yale: 2
        • UCSD: 3
        • ODU: 3
        • UAlabama: 3
        • SCU: 0
        • UM-SEDS: 2
        • CUSEDS: 2
        • UI-SEDS: 3
        • UMaine: 0, been trying to contact them
        • Dean de Carli: 0
        • UB: 0
        • UNC: 2.5
      • NewSpace Conference
        • More industry and professional attendance, but many of the professionals are SEDS alum.
        • If possible, sending members from your chapter would be a good experience.
        • There is a discount for SEDS members, inquire for the passcode.

General Updates

  • Informational packet for outreach from previous meeting is on its way, along with other promotional materials.
  • Made in Space Collaboration
    • One of the team members reached out to the local SEDS chapter to work with the students to have a project involved with the company.
    • If a student group is interested in a satellite project, or access to a project on the ISS, MIS would look for investor to help defray costs of the project.
    • If interested, email Simon Sorenson at

SpaceVision in Spring

  • SpaceVision 2015 is going to held by Boston SEDS, and it is going to still be in the Fall.
  • Suggested moving the conference itself to spring, for both financial reasons (off-season for venues), as well as being the off-season for main Space and Engineering conferences, opening availability for speakers and presenters.
  • Thoughts, Opinions?
    • CUSEDS: Spring is a heavy time for grad school visits
    • UB: some members will be taking exams, and midterms.
    • CU-Boulder: A lot of students go home for Spring Break, and need to buy plane tickets
    • UAlabama: funding will be a problem, regardless of timing
    • UofA: Chapter hosts large Spring Break trip, won’t be able to afford both in the same semester
    • UMaine: Either season works
    • BU: both seasons are fine
    • ODU: we get our worst weather in February, so airports/roads potentially will close
    • UCLA: Don’t have a preference either way
  • Unofficial Vote
    • NCSU: No preference
    • CUSEDS: Fall
    • ASU: Fall and Spring
    • UMaine: No preference
    • CU-Boulder: Fall
    • SJSU: No preference
    • UCSD: No preference
    • ODU: Fall
    • Pol Siera: Fall
    • UCLA: No preference
    • Dean: No preference
    • UM: Fall
    • TAMU: No preference
    • UAlabama: No preference
    • UB: Spring
    • Yale: Unsure, double check with team
    • SJSU: No preference
    • UI: No preference


Chapter Updates:

  • UNC
    • Held first meeting of semester
    • Actively planning Yuri’s Night, looking for other chapters to join in
    • Looking to have speaker’s present before the Yuri’s Night events
    • Just changed over officers this semester
    • Met first time for the semester
    • Working on planning Yuri’s Night as well
    • Hope to have more updates by next meeting
    • Chapter is sponsoring about 8 students to attend a Neil DeGrasse Tyson talk
  • UCSD
    • Working on testing the rocket projects we’ve been working on
    • Also going to be working on testing our Lunar Lander project
      • Looking to work with other SEDS chapters with this project
    • Working on funding and infrastructure of the project before bringing in new teams.
  • SCU
    • First year as a SEDS chapter on campus
    • Working on developing the group to be ready to pass off for the next year.
    • Especially focused on Outreach
      • Took a large group of students to Interstellar, having a physics professor do a talk on the physics of the movie
      • Looking to go out to a launch of SMAP
    • Setting up meetings, developing membership
    • Working on turning the old observatory into a functioning project
  • TAMU
    • Chapter had a great tour of the Johnson Space Center
    • Gained about 15 new members in the spring
    • Working with Made in Space to print a rocket engine on the ISS
    • Working with their SpaceGrant consortium
    • Participating in the RASC-AL competition, going to hear if they qualified in February
  • UMaine
    • Working on the Student Rocket challenge
    • Have become a rocket building power house, working on being certified to buy high power motors.
  • Yale
    • Preparing for interviews for board members for next year
    • Working on doing Carbon fiber layups for rockets
    • Testing rockets in a windtunnel
    • Just held a launch recently, had to work in the snow.
    • Assembling their telescope project currently
  • University of Illinois
    • Finished CDR for Student Launch competition
    • Also finished presentation for RASC-AL competiton
    • Upcoming outreach events coming up
      • Illinois Space Day, hold demonstrations and activities for the attendees
      • Engineering Club fair
  • Boston University
    • Looking forward to first SEDS meeting of semester
    • Going to focus on Yuri’s Night planning
    • Building Dobsonian Telescope
    • Rocket group held a launch over winter break, not so successful.
      • Going to relaunch in February
    • Perpetually planning SpaceVision 2015.
  • Arizona State University
    • First meeting coming up
    • Still developing the Apollo project
      • Helps students who want to build their own projects, either as engineering projects or outreach programs.
    • Some members are working on a MarsOne project, hope to adapt it to the Satellites Around Mars competition.
    • Planning a camping trip to New Mexico with other space clubs on campus
  • SJSU
    • Haven’t held a meeting yet, school starting soon
    • Spoken to project teams leads, progress has been made but details unknown.
  • UCLA
    • Held some meetings already
      • Visited the planetarium
      • Built gliders and threw them from the roof
      • Connected statistics to space related adventures
    • Planning a camping trip for the semester to go stargazing
    • Outreach event planned at a local school during a Science Fair
  • University of Michigan
    • Team went through the CDR for the Student Launch competition
    • Outreach event at a local highschool, holding a rocket launch.
    • Working with SpaceGrant to use funds to host a mini-rocket challenge at local middle schools.
    • Planning Yuri’s Night, and having it to kick off a Space Week with lectures
      • Graphic Artist wrote a graphic novel for the week
      • Skyping in Anthony Weir, author of The Martian
    • Organize luncheons for members to talk with aerospace engineers and professors.
  • NCSU
    • Focusing on outreach to recruit new members
    • Partnering with the AIAA-NCSU chapter
    • Participating in the GSBC for our second HAB launch
    • Considering entering the Mars Satellite Competition
    • Our MARA-DS was a finalist in the MarsOne University competition.
    • Will be hosting our second Arduino programming workshop as a fundraiser, available to everyone on campus.
    • Planning on Yuri’s night events
    • Looking forward to the semester
  • University of Alabama
    • Want to do a mini design competition (bottle rockets or something else)
    • Want to plan a Yuri’s Night event
    • Partnering with AIAA to go on a trip to Huntsville
    • Working on preparing the chapter for next semester to continue
    • Have a CubeSat team that is going to be meeting this semester.
  • University of Arizona
    • Planning on going on our annual Spring Break trip, this year to Texas
      • Johnson Space Center, McDonald Observatory, Lockheed Martin, and SpaceX
    • Also planning industry talks here in Tucson, including Raytheon and Paragon
  • Old Dominion University
    • Some members participated in STEM Saturday, a local outreach event for school aged kids and a ton of them attended this week.
    • Also planning a Yuri’s Night event
    • Have a one night only art gallery where students submit visual or auditory art as it relates to the space theme of the gallery exhibition. There will be faculty judges and prizes to be handed out.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30pm MST

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