Board members present: Hannah Kerner, Jack Lightholder, Audrey Horne, Andrew Harris, Kristina Monakhova

Staff members present: Dan Pastuf

Date and Time: 9:05 PM, August 13th, 2014


  1. Vote to Approve the 990 form
  2. Annual Report
  3. Chapter Guide
  4. Constellation


990 Form: Due to increased revenue, Dan Pastuf noted that we are required to file a 990 EZ tax form. This process has already been underway, and another meeting will be held between today (Wednesday, August 13th) and Friday, August 15th to approve the form.

Annual Report: Dan Pastuf noted that nothing needed to be done beyond setting up the financials at this point.

Chapter Guide: Kristina said that she has been unable to work on the Chapter Guide, but will be able to work on it in the near future. She will delegate chapters when an outline is complete.

Constellation: This discussion was deferred until Michael is in attendence.

Chapter feedback: Andrew shared feedback from chapter reps featuring their views on the current state of SEDS USA, specifically noting the lack of community present in the Council of Chapters. Hannah Kerner is looking into getting a SEDS subreddit up and running, and Andrew is working on a Council of Chapters represntative guide to introduce new CoC reps to the organization.

Task tracking and Sharepoint: Hannah Kerner held the board’s hand in navigating to the current SEDS task list, and noted that Andrew should continue making tasks after meeting minutes.


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