Members Present: Hannah Kerner, Jack Lightholder, Audrey Horne, Andrew Harris

Date: July 30th, 2014



1. Updates

2. Constellation discussion



Items Discussed

1. Updates: The members present updated the board on their progress. Items of note:

  • Jack: Currently waiting on Dan Pastuf to move forward with the addition of Brad Cheetham and Ryan Kobrick to the Board of Trustees. Need to improve our financial situation before we apply for grant based funding. Discussion included the necessity of the process, with both Jack and Hannah noting that records of it do not exist for the other trustees.
  • Audrey: Prepared the 990 form for filing.

2. Constellation project: Hannah updated the board on the status of the Constellation project, which is currently waiting on Michael D’Angelo’s updated SEDS one-pager and a new prospectus for the Business plan competition. Also waiting on Kristina Monakhova’s updated Chapters guide and Arjumand’s list of space clubs.

Hannah Kerner motioned to end the meeting early due to the absence of many board members.

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