Interested in crowd-funding a satellite project? Learn how to from Tom Walkinshaw, the founder of PocketQube, a successful satellite Kickstarter campaign.

With background in Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Marketing, Tom is responsible for the overall management and direction of PocketQube Shop. He graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with degree in Business Management and Enterprise. His industrial experience includes Hewlett Packard, CORE PD and @sipp. Tom has been featured in WIRED, The Daily Mail and the Guardian.

A startup based in Glasgow, Scotland, PocketQube shop wants to get more people building and launching their own satellites. PocketQube wants to provide a hub for the fledgling class of PocketQube satellites by offering a one stop shop with the largest selection of parts available anywhere. PocketQubes (also known as PocketQub or Pocket Cube) are 5cm cubed spacecraft, proposed by Prof Bob Twiggs of Morehead State University (formerly Stanford). The first 4 PocketQubes made orbit on the 21st of November 2013. Having successfully closed a Kickstarter campaign PocketQube is now in the process of growing their team, product lines, awareness and satellites teams. They were fortunate enough to be featured in WIRED, Mail Online and the Guardian.

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