Date: May 27th, 2014

Persons in Attendance: Hannah Kerner, Audrey Horne, Kristina  Monakhova, Andrew Harris, Michael D’Angelo



1. Updates

2. Finance Discussion

3. SEDS Rebrand Review

Items Discussed:

1. Updates

Andrew Harris: Reported on the new-and-improved task tracking and reviewed good practice for its usage.

Kristina Monakhova: Set up SpaceTalks Facebook event, scheduling a meeting with Danny Pagano to work on SEDS branch guide information. Hannah Kerner requested that Kristina bring up the new SEDS logo for a vote at the next Council of Chapters meeting.

Michael D’Angelo: No major updates

Audrey Horne: Met with Dan and Andrew Dianetti; planning on setting up a transition document in Office that includes important contacts. Audrey reported that she has not heard back from the SC Department of Revenue.

2. Finance Discussion

Audrey Horne and Dan Pastuf briefed the board on the current status of SEDS USA’s tax status and financial plan, namely with regards to tax filing. Audrey reported that Andrew Dianetti (former treasurer) advocated filing the 990-N form, while Dan Pastuf advocated filing for the 990-EZ. Dan Pastuf explained to the board the advantages of filing the EZ over the N.

3. SEDS Rebrand review

Hannah Kerner asked what needed to be done to roll out the rebranded SEDS USA by next Friday (June 6th). The established timeline is as such:

This weekend (May 30th – June 1st): Mack finishes new website

Tuesday, June 3rd: Kristina votes on new logo at Council of Chapters meeting

Rest of week: Board, staff members can email comments on the website to Dan Pastuf prior to the launch on Friday. Dan requested that comments on the website stick to major technical issues, rather than

4. Board Updates Procedure: Hannah Kerner reminded the board that they should email their updates to the Board of Directors general listserv instead of Hannah.

5. SEDS Partners and Friends program: Hannah again requested comments and feedback on her proposed partners and friends program document.

Action Items:

Kristina Monakhova: Have Council of Chapters vote on new logo design

Audrey Horne: Get a formal letter from the Bank of America on bank transfers to standardize the method

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