Date: May 18th, 2014

Persons in Attendance: Hannah Kerner, Jack Lightholder, Kristina Monakhova, Andrew Harris, Arjumand Alvi, Mack Goodstein, Chris Ogden


1. Partners and Friends Program

2. SEDS USA Rebrand

3. Board of Advisors Update

4. Task Tracking Update

5. SpaceTalks

Items Discussed:

Partners and Friends Program: Hannah Kerner advised the Board and Staff to review the proposed Partners and Friends program on the Sharepoint website.

SEDS USA Rebrand: Hannah Kerner updated the Board and Staff of the current plan for the new SEDS USA website:

  • Wednesday: Have the website completed
  • Thursday: Final Design Review
  • Friday:Official Website Launch

Mack Goodstein validated the feasibility of this schedule.

Board of Advisors: Jack Lightholder updated the Board and Staff on the status of the updated Board of Advisors, stating that he had emailed Hannah a list of the new potential members.

SpaceVision 2014 Update: Hannah Kerner updated the Board and Staff on the status of SpaceVision 2014, adding that Bob Richards had confirmed that he would attend for a full day. Under consideration is a SEDS-alum panel and a “getting the most out of SpaceVision” panel with Bob Richards.

Chris Ogden also updated the board on the current overall status of SpaceVision, including the newly developed Speakers page.

Hannah noted that there is an issue with putting up a registration page at the moment, citing an issue Dan Pastuf has with the current software backend. Chris Ogden stated that, if we waited for the new system to be implemented before opening registration, we would not launch until August. Hannah agreed with this course of action.

Task Tracking: Hannah Kerner asked Andrew Harris what the status of task tracking was. Andrew Harris replied that the project had been put on hold due to finals, but will be accomplished by the next board meeting.

SpaceTalks: Hannah Kerner shared feedback from Will Pomerantz on the format of the summer SpaceTalks. After discussing the summer format, it was decided by general agreement that the best format was to make individual participation optional and keep a spirited moderator present.

Action Items:

Jack Lightholder: Obtain a solid list of Board of Advisors and BoT members with detailed information on the status of each one, by May 31st. Find out if anything can be done regarding the NASA microgravity office.

Hannah Kerner: Continue work on Partners and Friends program

Andrew Harris: Keep trying to make Task Tracking happen, by the next board meeting.

Arjumand Alvi: Meet with Kristina Monakhova to prepare for moderating the next SpaceTalk, continue to work with Michael D’Angelo on the list of Space Clubs.

Kristina Monakhova: Continue to develop SpaceTalks speakers, update the SpaceTalks website, work on a revised chapter expansion guide to entice new chapters




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