Date: April 27th, 2014

Board Members Present: Hannah Kerner, Audrey Horne, Kristina Monakhova, Andrew Harris, Michael D’Angelo

Board Members Absent: Jack Lightholder, Arjumand Alvi

Staff Members Present: Dan Pastuf


1) Updates on last meeting’s action items

2) Space Talks

3) SEDS one-pager suite

4) Website update

5) Annual report

6) Notable staff updates

Items Discussed:

Meeting Minutes Procedure

As a reminder, Hannah Kerner went over procedure for approving meeting minutes and for updates to be sent in several hours prior to these meetings instead of minutes prior.

Board Updates

Andrew Harris:

  • Meeting Minutes Postings: Andrew requested assistance in setting up a method of posting meeting minutes to to replace the SEDS wiki
  • Office 365 transition: Waiting for Mack to move over MX records, which will be done tonight

Audrey Horne

  • Credit Application: The credit application was received.
  • 501(c)3 Exemption Forms: Being looked into, need financial records from Andrew Dianetti

Kristina Monakhova

  • SpaceTalks: Met with Michael D’Angelo, Anand Birdar and developed a plan for advertisement/ getting speakers

Michael D’Angelo

  • SpaceTalks: As above
  • Met with a potential conference speaker

SpaceVision Action Items

Hannah Kerner updated the board on UNC’s SpaceVision status.

  • Sponsorship: Hannah voiced concern over the development of sponsors for the conference. Dan commented that this is not unusual at this phase in the conference development due to other obligations (namely finals).
  • Hannah is working with UNC, NC Space Grant to find additional sponsorship sources.


The Board discussed the current status of the SpaceTalks lecture series.

  • Hannah: Proposed that one person, namely Arjumand Alvi, should take over the running and management of SpaceTalks given the already full schedules of the current planners (Kristina Monakhova, Michael D’Angelo, and Anand Birdar). Kristina and Michael voiced agreement.
  • Kristina Monakhova and Michael D’Angelo updated the board on the status of this week’s SpaceTalk and of their meeting to develop a formal methodology for the planning of future events.

Board of Advisors Meeting

Hannah Kerner, Michael D’Angelo, and Dan Pastuf met with William Pomerantz to work on creating a “one pager” to provide an overview of SEDS USA. Hannah and Michael briefed the board on what a “one pager” is and the various groups that it will be targeted towards.

Website Update

Dan Pastuf updated the board on the current status of the new website. The new website is scheduled to launch on the week of May 5th, due to illness on Dan’s part.

Annual Report

Audrey Horne briefed the board on the status of the SEDS USA Annual Report. Audrey reported that the report was being held up by financial discrepancies, and requested assistance in contacting the previous treasurer (Andrew Dianetti) to get a better picture of the SEDS USA finances.

Staff Updates

Dan Pastuf provided the Board with an overview of the actions of the Staff for the past week. This information can be found on the SEDS USA Sharepoint site.


Action Items:

Dan Pastuf: Send out Staff Updates more than one hour before the meeting

Andrew Harris: Move wiki minutes to website, contact Andrew Dianetti about SEDS USA financial documents, develop a part of the website to post meeting minutes

Audrey Horne: Call DORNC, figure out Xero discrepancy for Annual Report

Kristina Monakhova: Set up SpaceTalks for this week, get Arjumand up to speed on SpaceTalks, get chapter updates for next Council of Chapters meeting, set up generic email message to invite new SpaceTalks speakers

Michael D’Angelo: Create SpaceTalks page on as soon as errors are fixed, help develop one-pagers

Hannah Kerner: Write Partners-and-Friends first draft

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