The California Space Enterprise Center (CSEC) has formed an alliance with Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) to offer discounted memberships with Green2Gold and Space Entrepreneurship. SEDS members now have the opportunity to purchase memberships for only $99 per year, compared to the usual $350 for a full year membership.

Services offered by Green2Gold include concept to to marketplace mentorship, financing and funding resources, intellectual property protection, strategic planning/marketing, and so much more. For a full list of services see the following webpage:

The CSEC focuses on fostering invention and innovation for space exploration and commercialization. The Center features a fully independent and self-sustainable space station, a complete spectrum business incubator with wet/dry R&D labs, venues for viewing rocket launches, a public observatory and planetarium, a convention/event/entertainment complex, and an education center featuring a museum of history and technology. CSEC is a prime sponsor of this year’s NewSpace Student Business Plan Competition, to be held in Tempe, Arizona at the SEDS SpaceVision 2013 national conference. For the grand prize winner, CSEC is offering CSEC membership and Virtual Incubation, CSEC membership for the second-place winner, and Green2Gold membership for third place.

CSEC-SEDS Membership Details here!

CSEC-SEDS Membership Details here!

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