We are excited to invite everyone to join us in sunny Tempe, Arizona for SpaceVision 2013!
SpaceVision 2013 is a networking, learning, and hands-on conference that will be hosted at Arizona State University November 7th through the 10th and has been planned in an exciting collaboration between SEDS-ASU and the University of Arizona SEDS.
Guests will hear from some of the biggest players in the space industry, including, Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, Chris Lewicki, President and Chief Asteroid Miner for Planetary Resources, Jim Bell, President of the Planetary Society, and arguably one of the most important science popularizers ever: Bill Nye the Science Guy!
Other guests include: Lawrence Krauss, Theoretical Phycisist; Elise Andrew, Owner and creator of I Fucking Love Science; Eric Korpela, Project Scientist for SETI@home and many more!
Additionally, SpaceVision 2013 will offer many unique experiences that are a first for SpaceVision. Guests will get to explore the expansive and space exploration-dedicated ISTB-4 building, which is a home to several NASA clean labs, a collection of robotics labs, and among many other things, a 3D Planetarium that will be playing several shows just for SpaceVision 2013 guests.
SpaceVision will also have several hands-on workshops, including the “Kickstart a High Power Rocketry Team” sessions led by ASU’s very own DAEDELUS experimental rocketry team, and a hackathon featuring an exclusive first-use of the Gravity Development Board from Solar System Express! In a change from the tradition of catered lunches, SpaceVision 2013 guests will enjoy lunches from the most unique and delicious food trucks that Phoenix has to offer!
Tempe averages a comfortable 73 degrees in early November, and SpaceVision guests will have the opportunity to explore the bustling nightlife of Tempe’s Mill Avenue while being always nearby the state-of-the-art conference hub, ISTB-4, and living comfortably at the Tempe Mission Palms Resort.
The Tempe Mission Palms resort is located directly on Mill Avenue, which borders ASU’s campus, and has convenient proximity to the Phoenix Metro light rail and the endless options that Mill Avenue offers. SpaceVision 2013 guests are being offered a special, exclusive rate at the resort of $149 each night. Guests have the option of booking a double or single bedroom.
Registration for four days of incredible experiences is just $65 for students and $99 for professionals. Please register here.
Finally, thank you for your continued support and membership of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. We are proud that our members play direct roles in the current state of space exploration and spread awareness of space exploration each day.
We look forward to seeing you at SpaceVision 2013!

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