Club meetings are held Wednesday nights in Knudsen at 7:30 followed by running the telescopes on the top of Math and Sciences Building at 8:30.

Wednesday October 3: First meeting, general announcements, ice cream and icebreakers

Wednesday October 10: Review a case study analyzing different components of astronomy.  Discuss trop to the Griffith Observatory on October 27.  Ice blocking at 10pm

Wednesday October 17: Watch an episode of Cosmos that covers current astronomical events.  A talk by a grad student from Astronomy Live! and announcement of volunteering opportunity, Exploring Your Universe, November 10. October 21 held the Observing the Moon Night event at the planetarium.

Wednesday October 24: vote on the quarterly camping trip, discussion of current events, discussing the trip to the Griffith Observatory on the 27.  UAS Halloween Party October 26.

Wednesday October 31: Halloween trivia.

Wednesday November 7: Presentation by Vice President of UAS about JPL skycrane technology and future space expeditions.

Wednesday Noveber 14: Hosts for a Astronomy Grad Student Panel

Wednesday November 21: No meeting. Thanksgiving break.

Wednesday November 28: Egg drop contest.  November 30 to December 2 Quarterly Camping trip to Pyramid Lake.

Wednesday December 5: final meeting. quarterly BBQ

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